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Forum Post: Advertising secrets and studies.

Posted 6 years ago on March 21, 2012, 11:35 a.m. EST by FriendlyObserverB (1871)
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OWS should consider the secrets of advertising when trying to sell their protest to the people. A blunt throw it in your face approach seems to be a turn off.

A good advertisement could easily turn the tide of sales.

Something to consider.



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[-] 1 points by elf3 (3898) 6 years ago

Seems we got your attention - the whole world is watching - and the movement has done it's job in more time and than it takes for a corporation to put together an ad campaign and with no money to do it. We are out there and the agenda is clear people are only asking how to fix the Orwellian corporate state - no one is even asking what it's about anymore - it is done. Once the truth is clear people can't unsee it or go back even if they wanted to - it will eat at them and civilization will seem unclear. Good luck one percent we are coming for you.

[-] 1 points by FriendlyObserverB (1871) 6 years ago

Spitting in my face would get my attention too , but not necessarily my support.

[-] 1 points by GirlFriday (17435) 6 years ago

Why market it?

This isn't something that is sold. You either get it or you do not.

[-] 1 points by FriendlyObserverB (1871) 6 years ago

Hi GF,

Well it's about understanding and educating the people in a presentable manner. To allow the message to be received with welcome arms. I just see protests on the street with insults in police officers faces as something most people will shut the doors to.

With the knowledge of advertising skills many ideas become more acceptable when presented properly.

With OWS wants to accomplish they will need the support in numbers.

I am no expert on this, but I am aware of pressure sales. There are techniques that may be valuable to OWS.

It's not a get or not.

Thanks for the comment.

[-] 2 points by GirlFriday (17435) 6 years ago

It is a get it or not get it. This isn't a product and does not need to be sold. In fact, it might cheapen it.

Not everything in the universe needs to operate like a used car salesman.

[-] 1 points by FriendlyObserverB (1871) 6 years ago

I want a 2 nd opinion on that.
We are expressing an opinion and with democracy persuasive techniques are always consulted.

If ows doesn't realize this, than they are in for a great awakening.

[-] 2 points by GirlFriday (17435) 6 years ago

You mean like hiring a bunch of people to troll forums?


[-] 1 points by FriendlyObserverB (1871) 6 years ago

No... But trolls are using negative advertising about OWS. And it undeniably has had an affec on the OWS image.

You need to advertise your position with truth and grace. Use your charm. Romance the people with stories and song :-)