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Forum Post: ADMINS??? ATTENTION??!!

Posted 11 years ago on Sept. 27, 2011, 6:27 p.m. EST by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA
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menu Status #occupywallstX OptionsX Colonel_CatoX gracX #owsdiscX (no topic set) [14:50] == gawdoftruth [62abae92@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #owsdisc [14:50] <gawdoftruth> hi. [14:50] <gawdoftruth> I have some suggestions... [14:50] <@Colonel_Cato> hey [14:50] <gawdoftruth> The movement needs a larger set of forums. [14:51] <gawdoftruth> organized according to topic [14:51] <@grac> I agree [14:51] <gawdoftruth> the current forum is getting scrawld too fast [14:51] <gawdoftruth> most people will never read. [14:51] <@grac> unfortunately the people who run the site and are able to change it are at the protest and too busy [14:51] <gawdoftruth> it would make a lot of sense to put up a wiki also. [14:51] <gawdoftruth> details on those main ideas... [14:51] <gawdoftruth> we need to harnass the mass intelligence and direct it. [14:52] <gawdoftruth> we need to get people working on the problems and doing open source research and problem solving... [14:52] <@Colonel_Cato> gawd are you in a position to go to NYC? [14:52] <gawdoftruth> with science instead of opinion, so that we can really make a dent in the public discussion. [14:52] <gawdoftruth> no. I'm not in a position to go anywhere. [14:52] <gawdoftruth> unless somebody has serious funds to donate for that. [14:53] <@Colonel_Cato> ok so we can start making rooms now at least and get them populated [14:53] <@grac> yeah [14:53] <gawdoftruth> i think we need several chat rooms. [14:53] <gawdoftruth> one for suggestions to the admins. [14:53] <gawdoftruth> http://forums.keller2012.com/index.php [14:53] <gawdoftruth> this is an example. i created this forum org structure and the very long list of sub forums [14:54] <gawdoftruth> for scott keller for potus... [14:54] <gawdoftruth> hes too stupid to get it. But ultimately this is what any social movement which wants evolutionary change is going to have to do. [14:54] <gawdoftruth> serious online organization [14:54] <gawdoftruth> into assorted topics and categories... [14:54] <@Colonel_Cato> well it's fine to advertise anything but we thought you meant chat forums associated with this site [14:54] <gawdoftruth> and then organize peeps into actual work think tanks. [14:55] <gawdoftruth> yes. i mean main forums. not just chat forums. chat forums are a fine place to start. [14:55] <gawdoftruth> I'm not advertising scott keller. i'm showing you what an organized forum org chart and sub forums looks like. [14:56] <@Colonel_Cato> yeah that's cool..I've seen them. but i think your idea works well with these chat rooms too [14:56] <gawdoftruth> 30 issues. 30 sciences. a list of political spectrums and a process by which to analyze all of that rationally and come up with the TRUTH. [14:56] <@Colonel_Cato> like how Yahoo used to have a bunch of different chat rooms with category [14:56] <gawdoftruth> yes. i think my idea is implementable for the chat rooms, probably good to get a series of rooms going. [14:56] <gawdoftruth> for each main issue and then for governmental conversations. [14:57] <@grac> we aren't looking for the 'truth' here, so much as for practical ways to help the protest [14:57] <gawdoftruth> but ultimately its not just the chats, there is one forum i just spent all day on. its a giant disorganized heap. Most people seem to post their original threads several times just to get heard. [14:57] <gawdoftruth> the practical way to help the protest is the truth. the truth is the strongest power the protest HAS. [14:57] <gawdoftruth> and without that kind of backing the protest will end up being in vain. [14:58] <@Colonel_Cato> seems I can't send to vanguard. I'm in room but each message I type comes up with an error [14:58] <gawdoftruth> without a strong message and political platform, we will go and make noise and little will come of it. [14:58] <@Colonel_Cato> do you see me in ther grac [14:59] <gawdoftruth> http://forums.keller2012.com/viewforum.php?f=8 this is a long list of forums and sub forums by topic of political issue. I think its a good idea to start new chats per main political issue field. [15:00] <gawdoftruth> http://forums.keller2012.com/viewforum.php?f=23 this is political affiliation. you need to start chat rooms for republicans to hang out with each other and greens to hang out with each other and etc. [15:01] <@Colonel_Cato> well all of that is fine feel free to show the peeps in chat [15:01] <gawdoftruth> http://forums.keller2012.com/viewforum.php?f=5 these are the sciences. We need prolly one chat room per science. [15:01] <gawdoftruth> i don't want to confuse people in chat with muddled scott keller noise. this is information to send through the chain of command and to whomever has the admin powers to implement such structures here. [15:02] <gawdoftruth> i'm not advertising scott keller any more. [15:03] <@Colonel_Cato> they have a forum on the website. [15:03] <@Colonel_Cato> I don't know who has the input to make change or design...that's not my world. [15:03] <gawdoftruth> one forum. with 1001 topics all piled on top of each other. like being at the rally. how do you listen to a mob talking to itself? [15:03] <@Colonel_Cato> Yes I understand completely [15:03] <gawdoftruth> whos the next person up in the chain of command? [15:04] <gawdoftruth> this is VERY urgent, because it really does make an enormous difference on what the movement can logistically accomplish and how it will be seen [15:04] <@Colonel_Cato> I'm not aware of the admin of the entire site other than we are able to make various chat rooms [15:04] <@Colonel_Cato> we'll find out [15:04] <gawdoftruth> and how effective it can be strategically at getting new people involved. [15:04] <@Colonel_Cato> and see what we can do talk to any of the OPs maybe they know [15:05] <gawdoftruth> OPs? [15:05] <@Colonel_Cato> buddha, vampire1812 all those with an '@' before their screen names [15:05] <@Colonel_Cato> they guys at the top of the list in the other room. [15:05] <@Colonel_Cato> we'll go see [15:05] <gawdoftruth> would you be so kind? [15:05] <gawdoftruth> :) [15:09] <@Colonel_Cato> there is a 'contact' button up there but any of the OPs here now are just here to moderate the chat and don't know [15:13] <gawdoftruth> okay... uhm... [15:14] <gawdoftruth> the contact panel isn't promising. [15:16] <gawdoftruth> I'm going to hope that you guys can bump this along and bow out of it. I'm leaving this window open, and my contact is john bassist on face book. [15:20] <@Colonel_Cato> ok. [15:21] <@Colonel_Cato> yes I don't know what else to tell you but at least we can implement a chat thing [15:23] <gawdoftruth> well, lets list the obvious sub chats you need. [15:23] <gawdoftruth> at least one for suggestions and governmental stuff like this. [15:23] <gawdoftruth> at least one for discussing political issues not directly related to economics or criminal oligarchs. [15:24] <gawdoftruth> at least one for specifically discussing the problem of the criminal oligarchs [15:24] <@Colonel_Cato> i have to step away for a bit...bbl [15:24] <gawdoftruth> probably one for newbie orientation and introduction [15:24] <gawdoftruth> and one for press /media/ questions and answers. [15:25] <gawdoftruth> and at least one for discussing assorted political and ideological viewpoints... [15:25] <gawdoftruth> and at least one for research and work in terms of the sciences and what sociology, game theory, and etc have to say about all of this. [15:26] <gawdoftruth> maybe not 50 or 100 to start... but some kind of order in all of that so that assorted discussions can begin to jell away from the troll and spammer noise. @Colonel_Cato@gracgawdoftruth



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[-] 1 points by CathyHeyworthHarris (2) 11 years ago

John Bassist, you are digging yourself into a lawsuit. Again, 11/13/2011 - this is notice that unless you stop your campaign of hate, libel and slander against Scott Keller, you will be sued.

[-] 1 points by gawdoftruth (3698) from Santa Barbara, CA 11 years ago

lol.right. sue away. scotts campaign died the moment he shafted me. I connect personally to more people every year than your whole campaign will or can.

my point is true, hes a moron to fail to understand or use the forum. deal. threaten me again and i will plaster that in a million places . don't pester me about it, i have moved on.

any angst you people cause me translates into more damage i do and there is nothing you can do about it. if you want a legal research assistant, i'm busy.


i do not respond well to terrorist threats.

[-] 0 points by RexDiamond (585) from Idabel, OK 11 years ago

Trouble in paradise?