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Forum Post: Activism Success Story, Volunteers Change US Corporate Law for Cruise Lines

Posted 5 years ago on Dec. 18, 2012, 1:31 a.m. EST by Middleaged (5140)
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ICV, Interenational Cruise Victims, has been working on one of the worst Areas of Corporate Corruption. Covering up Crime on the High Seas. It is like Pirates, Privateers, and Corporations are one and the same. http://www.internationalcruisevictims.org/ (ICV)

The story starts out with a man who lost his daughter on a Cruise to Alaska. The Cuise Line covered up the evidence, refused to investigate, and refused to provide any information to the family. This turns out to be an Industry Wide Practice.

Kendall Carver had to start his own Investigation, hire an Investigator, since no US Agency would get involved. After approx 7-8 years Kendall Carver has seen some progress with Legislation that passed in the US Congress. Unfortunately, someone in congress changed some of the wording of the law that was passed destroying the Intent of the Legislation. So... he says they are working on cognress correcting the law. As of this date the FBI has not responded to his FOI request for 2011 crime data commited on Cruise lines against US Citizens.

1) He states there are hundereds of crimes against US Citizens every Year on Cruise Ships which are not investigated, including missing persons, murder, rape, and child abuse. Maybe 3-6 crimes per year are investigated & closed, but there really isn't good data collection since the crimes go un-investigated even IF the Victime Report them. Rape is assumed to be very unreported and surely discouraged by the Cruise Ships from being reported in any way.
2) 18% of Crimes are against minors (below 17 years of age).
3) 50% of Crimes involve crew members or against crew members.
4) There is little if any background investigation of Crew Members before they are hired for Cruise Line Work. He states that most workers come from third world countries and that many are hired through an agency in Indonesia.
5) Many FBI employees leave to work for the Cruise Line Corporations. In fact it appears that Cruise lines Recruit FBI agents and use them as Liaisons to the FBI. (Revolving Door to Industry). But in general the FBI will not respond to you at all and won't investigate a crime on a cruise ship. And there is some policy that states theft has to be over $10K before it is called theft on a ship.
6) ICV, has testified in US Congress and has presented a list of 10 Proactive Things that can be done to make Cuise Ships Safer.
7) Australia is working on a Law Similar to the US Federal Legislation. http://www.gpo.gov/fdsys/pkg/BILLS-111hr3360enr/pdf/BILLS-111hr3360enr.pdf This PDF is the US Cruise Vessle and Cruise Safety Act of 2010. Effective date for this Bill is 18 months after passed the Senate (looks like January 2010).
8) Cuise Line Corporations have moved their Head Quarters to Third World Countries ... partly perhaps to escape Investigation Laws or control the investigations of the Crimes that are commited that may damage their Business Reputation. Anyone that calls for informaton about a missing person or a Crime only get a response from Risk Assessment Office of the Cruise Line.
9) There are no Police on Cruise Lines.
10) FBI and the Coast Guard have been asked to help as is normal for crimes against US Citizens. But at this point the FBI & USCG have not really made any efforts to help, investigate, or even provide any information assistance. There is also an issue of federal contract that the USCG could sign to test and install prototype man-over-board alarms for use in the Industry.
11) Kendall Carver States that all Cruise Lines are pretty much run the same way ... and so all treat crime the same (cover up), and treat the victims and family the same (ignore them and provide false information).
12) Kendall was able to Sue and Get damages. Initially he sued form the wrong state. You have to sue from Maimi Florida/Florida. He sued for Fraud. He never got an apology, never saw video of his daughter, and it took like 4 years to get to talk with the Steward on the Cruise Line that was assigned to his Daughter's Cabin.
13) Cruise Lines Forbid Employees from talking to Victim's Families or Victims at All (policy)
14) Once Every two Weeks someone goes Missing from Cruise Ships
15) Cruise Lines pay no fees or very little Federal Tax. He says they might use or touch 21 different US Agencies, but would only pay 1% in tax or Fee if at all even using US Ports and US Port Facilies.

So Cruise Lines have Outsourced Employees, Off Shored corporate Head Quarters, and Registered (flagged) Ships in Thrid World Countries, the Obfuscate Investigations, Destroy Evidence of Crimes, Ship off crew members that appear to be invovled in committing crimes, and Pretty Much act without Ethics at all... Even preventing family memebers from knowing that their relation has disapeared or closure by relating what happened.

A) Wall Street Banks, Bailouts, Bonus' from Govt Money
B) Cruise Lines
C) Cover Up of Peodophile Priests
D) 9-11 Commisson
E) Pretense of WMD in Iraq for Iraq War
F) Justification for Torture, rendition to 3rd Countries, and use of Drones
G) Global War on Terror against people that don't have buildings, trucks, armies, ships, or bases to bomb.

Which is Worse?! http://www.internationalcruisevictims.org/

But appearently Kendall Carver says with no help from Lobbying or with no help from Funding at all they have made progress. There have been a couple of congressmen including John Kerry that helped. But mainly it is the Network set up by ICV, their Publicity, and their Testimony that has brought changes, awareness, and Legislation. Go to the Website and you can see they are organizing legislation for the UK and for EU.



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[-] 2 points by Nevada1 (5843) 5 years ago

Thank you Middleaged for this post.

Did not know of this. Everyone should see this.

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

Good man. Thanks for the response. You probably have helped someone to stop and read. Kendall Carver said it was just 7 words on the Bill on the reporting of Crime on Cruise Lines ... and when they were changed the FBI interpreted them as saying provide info on Closed Cases. As far as he knows the words could have been changed by anyone a clerk or as stated by someone to him ... on a suggestion by the USCG or FBI. In other words changed by people that had a conflict of Interest.

[-] 1 points by Nevada1 (5843) 5 years ago

Regarding the way things are, this world really needs an 'Age Of Enlightenment'.

[-] 2 points by Middleaged (5140) 5 years ago

I guess that was supposed to be after the printing press. The way Washington Really works ... is all about influence, Interest Groups, and Conflict of Interest. I guess that is what you are talking about.

Hey, I guess you might have seen the video about money that talks about the Meaning behind the Wizard of Oz, and the Silver Cerificates, and back in like 1890 how the farmers were poor ...because the bankers had control of the money. Money was in value in gold. Farmers had no gold. Not sure when the period got so bad probably even further back.

But then ... seems we got the Federal Reserve Act whch has been amended like 200 times or something. So like 1913 or ...ealier was the corruption we know about in the modern era. But kind of feels like those with the power have dominated the truth ...created the truth. There was no Equality for the Black man under the constitution or even when Corporations got Rights. So the history of the USA has been controled ...through Ethnocentrism ... for all the 220 years of the USA.

Our K-12 Text books still don't teach Christopher Columbus correctly. We do need an Age Of Enlightenment.