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Forum Post: ACT UP/DAWG (the Digital Activism Work Group of ACT UP [the AIDS Coalition to Unleash Power]) needs you!

Posted 4 years ago on Sept. 9, 2013, 5:29 p.m. EST by grimwomyn (35) from New York, NY
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You may know me from/have met me during a Meetup gathering, but, if you don't ... in addition to being a technical services law librarian here in NYC, I am an active LGBT legal and HIV/AIDS activist, and currently serve as co-chair of the Queer Caucus of the National Lawyers Guild and chair of ACT UP/DAWG, but enough about me. HA!

act up / fight back / hack aids — an act up/dawg hackathon is taking place over National Coming Out Day weekend (10.12.13 - 10.13.13) at The LGBT Community Center in Manhattan and you are invited!

ACT UP has a long history of direction action, but we need a little help (hopefully, from you) spreading our message of HIV prevention and education online.

You can view details on the hack on Facebook → http://bacil.io/hackAIDS2013 or register directly via eventbrite → https://hackaids2013.eventbrite.com



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