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Forum Post: About Norvell and Associates Certified Public Accountants

Posted 6 years ago on Aug. 1, 2014, 8:01 p.m. EST by callasmaria02 (0)
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Norvell & Associates, P.C. is a full service CPA firm located in Florence, Alabama. In addition to the core practice areas of tax compliance, auditing and bookkeeping, our professional staff offers a wide range of more specialized services, which include management advisory services, business valuation, and tax compliance and planning.

At Norvell & Associates, P.C. our clients include professional firms, medical practices, governments, manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers, contractors/real estate developers, charitable/nonprofit organizations, and others.

Like our Mission states, we "always strive for excellence in providing a broad range of services to our clients, create rewarding career opportunities and maintain sound professional, business and financial standards." Our purpose is to use our knowledge, experience, and innovation to solve problems and enhance opportunities for our clients. Every three years the accounting and audit practice of Norvell & Associates, P.C. engages an independent firm to conduct a peer review to ensure that those standards are being maintained. An unqualified opinion was received on our most recent peer review, and the results are submitted to the AICPA and state licensing boards.

Our telephone number is (256) 764-9591 and our fax number is (256) 767-5979.

Our office is conveniently located at 2009 Darby Drive.

Our office hours are from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday thru Friday.



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