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Forum Post: A world where your home is everywhere

Posted 10 years ago on May 24, 2013, 11:24 a.m. EST by fujikato (0)
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I think that many people are afraid of the idea of giving up private property. But look at it this way, we'll own it together. Itll belong to all. And by throwing together our resources and talents, we enable ourselves to create a wonderful communal environment, that will provide us with vast options to shape our lives as we like.

If we create together, we can do it on a larger scale. If we live together, our homes will become huge as malls. Yes, we'll live in malls instead of tight apartment rooms. We'll have easy access to all sorts of culture, entertainment, sporting activities, education, whatever... and of course covering our basic needs as well. We'll provide for each other what we desire without money, without trading. We can go and live where we like in this shared, communal living area.

Communism wasn't based on Love and therefor forced itself onto the people with terror and became a cruel dictatorship. And it didn't abolish private property and money. In Communism people still lived in boring buildings, one family next to the other, separated by walls, where they felt, they had to hoard things for themselves. Suspicion was stronger than the community spirit, the strife for technological and military superiority, the fight against the class enemy, was more important to them than people's happiness. Communism imprisoned people. It didn't respect their free will.

You cannot force people to become and think as a community, you have to convince them. I don't plea to dispossess anyone, not even these super-rich people, who's life style is a travesty in the face of starving children and 3rd world poverty. Their riches only count in their system. If we gather more and more people into a community of sharing and gifting, their power will more and more vanish. Instead of fighting against them lets do our own thing.

We really don't need to waste our time arguing with any politicians. We don't need another party or formal political structures. This is a dynamic and organic movement. It is self-organizing. We'll figure it out, while we are going forward.



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[-] 2 points by beautifulworld (23761) 10 years ago

"We really don't need to waste our time arguing with any politicians. We don't need another party or formal political structures. This is a dynamic and organic movement. It is self-organizing. We'll figure it out, while we are going forward."

There is a lot of wisdom and truth in those last few sentences. In the meantime, educate and agitate, people will come to see that they need to re-organize how they live. It is already happening. "Instead of fighting against them let's do our own thing."

[-] 2 points by GirlFriday (17435) 10 years ago

Ok. Tell ya what we will do. You give your property up.

[-] 1 points by Felz (1) 10 years ago

The concept of giving up one's ownership of property to live in a community where resources are shared amongst the group; housing and material goods are distributed to the citizens instead of people earning their own income for their own families sounds like the situation in native reserves (in Canada at least...).

The result is communities which trash their homes, have no ambition to get up and do something to better themselves or their situations, people who don't even bother to repair the homes given to them when they become damaged... Some reserves have a big open cess pool they use as an outhouse. They claim that since it's not their own property - why should they be responsible to look after it?

If this is the way that people treat their lands and homes in a communal situation, how could this way of life be beneficial for anyone? In a perfect world where everyone was willing to do their part to contribute things might be different. But that's not the way that people are. Some of us who work hard to make sure their families have a good life and are taken care of, and then there are those of us who simply choose not to bother & expect everyone else to take care of them.

How would you work around making sure that a communal community doesn't end up becoming a failure full of people who are taking advantage of the system?


[-] 0 points by fujikato (0) 10 years ago

i think that natives are a special issue in terms of their "outsider"-mentality and cultural background. And a lot of the "lazy people" nowadays are unhappy with the current system. They are anticipating a new society and keep getting frustrated, that it's not coming. I think in general people are not lazy. I would go so far to say, that most people have the desire to work and do something that benefits a community in one way or another, if they really feel secure and well received.

In the global community that i imagine, we'll try to inspire and energize each other. But for sure, there will be people, who contribute more than others, as there will be people who do jobs of higher qualification than others. Every person is different, some will need more time before results show.

But look, i don't think that is such a huge problem. Everyone will find something he/she likes to do and actually enjoy and do with passion. People will find a new meaning in their work as it is no longer overshadowed by existential pressure. We get things done and maintain our home.


[-] 0 points by Stormcrow2 (-184) 10 years ago

What are you smoking - the hippies did this in the 60's with "communes" and they never flourished because everyone got lazy and expected someone else to do for them what they wouldn't do for themselves.