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Forum Post: A Woman Who Lived Through The Nazi Occupation Of Her Country

Posted 12 years ago on July 5, 2012, 4:47 p.m. EST by WhenTheSHTF (6)
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From another forum;

"Just a brief note…I spent two hours yesterday with a woman who lived through the Nazi occupation of her country. She made a very interesting point. She said that the concentration camps were horrible and that however many Jews died was awful, but that 73 million people, mostly Christians and other groups, died in those wars.

She said,”I don’t mean to be offensive to any group, but why don’t we ever talk about that? Why do we just talk about the Jews who died in the camps? There were millions of non-Jewish people who died in camps, too. There were more non-Jews killed than Jews.”

Her point was simple: war is bad. It is stupid to talk about what happened to just one group when the truth is that millions died from all groups. She told me what it was like to live under the Nazis. They came to people’s homes and took their sons off to war and there was no choice in the matter. SHE LOOKED AT ME AND SAID, “I cannot believe that it is happening again…here in THIS COUNTRY.”

LETTING RICH PEOPLE GO OFF TO AN ISLAND? Waiting for somebody to save us? That is what will doom this country. What will save us is the frequent and vociferous use of a single word whether mentally or aloud: “NO.”

There is evidence coming forth that suggests Hitler was a Rothschild.









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