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Forum Post: A war on greed is as futile as a war on terror.

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 16, 2011, 5:01 p.m. EST by letsuseourheads (21)
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You can not extinguish an idea.



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[-] 1 points by JohnB (138) 12 years ago

Moving in your direction for a minute I'll say this:

Greed is good, but money in politics is worse. Take the money out of the politcal process and you have a goverment by the people for the people. Corporations can continue to make loads of money, as long as they are doing it by actually providing products and services we like. The moment they step out of line, we the people stop them. Seems simple enough to me. This way we have a perfect balance of radical democracy and radical free enterprise.

[-] 1 points by atki4564 (1259) from Lake Placid, FL 12 years ago

Many more people will come to your side when you are proactive (for “new” Business & Government solutions), instead of reactive (against “old” Business & Government solutions), which is why what we most immediately need is a comprehensive “new” strategy that implements all our various socioeconomic demands at the same time, regardless of party, and although I'm all in favor of taking down today's ineffective and inefficient Top 10% Management System of Business & Government, there's only one way to do it – by fighting bankers as bankers ourselves; that is, using a Focused Direct Democracy organized according to our current Occupations & Generations. Consequently, I have posted a 1-page Summary of the Strategically Weighted Policies, Organizational Operating Structures, and Tactical Investment Procedures necessary to do this at:




because we need 100,000 “support clicks” at AmericansElect.org to support a Presidential Candidate -- such as any given political opportunist you'd like to draft -- in support of the above bank-focused platform.

Most importantly, remember, as cited in the first link, that as Bank Owner-Voters in your 1 of 48 "new" Business Investment Groups (or "new" Congressional Committees) you become the "new" Congress replacing the "old" Congress according to your current Occupation & Generation, called a Focused Direct Democracy.

Therefore, any Candidate (or Leader) therein, regardless of party, is a straw man, a puppet; it's the STRATEGY – the sequence of steps – that the people organize themselves under, in Military Internet Formation of their Individual Purchasing & Group Investment Power, that's important. In this, sequence is key.

Why? Because there are Natural Social Laws – in mathematical sequence – that are just like Natural Physical Laws, such as the Law of Gravity. You must follow those Natural Social Laws or the result will be Injustice, War, etc.

The FIRST step in Natural Social Law is to CONTROL the Banks as Bank Owner-Voters. If you do not, you will inevitably be UNJUSTLY EXPLOITED by the Top 10% Management Group of Business & Government who have a Legitimate Profit Motive, just like you, to do so.

Consequently, you have no choice but to become Candidates (or Leaders) yourselves as Bank Owner-Voters according to your current Occupation & Generation.

So please JOIN the 2nd link so we can make our support clicks at AmericansElect.org when called for, at exactly the right time, by an e-mail from that group, in support of the above the bank-focused platform. If so, then you will see and feel how your goals can be accomplished within the above strategy as a “new” Candidate (or Leader) of your current Occupation & Generation.

[-] 1 points by 86aynrand (72) 12 years ago

Yeah, with people like you it will be - go back to bed looser.

[-] 1 points by letsuseourheads (21) 12 years ago


[-] 1 points by 86aynrand (72) 12 years ago

FU loser ok? vocab cop

[-] 1 points by letsuseourheads (21) 12 years ago

Yet another brilliant contribution from 86aynrand

[-] 1 points by 86aynrand (72) 12 years ago

FU double

[-] 1 points by uslynx81 (203) 12 years ago

So are the "wars" on poverty and drugs. People will never learn that government can not regulate morality or do things because its for the greater good. We ask to much of our government and this will lead us to socialism as more people think everyone should be equal financially. We should all have an equal chance to succeed. What most people don't realize is that some people are better sales men and some people are more intelligent then others and will do better even when they may have had the same education some people will do better. Some people have more of a drive to succeed and they will do better then most.

[-] 1 points by letsuseourheads (21) 12 years ago


[-] 1 points by IzzySanabria (4) 12 years ago

I would like to send a visual that personifies

what this movement is all about.

The visual is a painting (which is actually a political cartoon).

It depicts a man of wealth, and power standing on top of the public.

My original title was "America's New Kings" but the title can be

changed to Wall Street or Congressmen.

Attached is low image BUT can send a Hi-Rez WHO DO I SUBMIT IT TO ???

Izzy Sanabria ( IzzySanabria@tampabay.rr.com )

[-] 1 points by letsuseourheads (21) 12 years ago

That sounds quite moving, but I would rather not give you my e mail address. Maybe you could post a link.

[-] 1 points by hairlessOrphan (522) 12 years ago

No, but you can replace them, as has happened throughout history. Western movements such as the Renaissance (the war on submitting to human suffering) and the Enlightenment (the war on submitting to ignorance) show this pretty clearly. Even more modern movements - the Civil Rights movement (the war on submitting to racism) - are obvious examples.

[-] 1 points by MattLHolck (16833) from San Diego, CA 12 years ago


one need not condone excessive destruction and murder