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Forum Post: a thought

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 17, 2011, 6:19 p.m. EST by donboy (0)
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I thought it would be crucial to the cause for some one, or the group, to come up with your own suggestions on what should be in a Jobs Bill. Who better to compile that list than the people



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[-] 1 points by lisa (425) 12 years ago

Establish a Worker's Bill of Rights To Be Implemented Upon Hire of Any New Employees, and gradually phased in t(over a 3-6 month timeframe) for current workers

Employers should provide medical insurance within 30 days of the start date for new hires. The way it is now, some companies have you wait 3 months, some even 6 months, and in those 'right to work states' it is even worse.

The benefits packages are not uniform on a national level.

We should all get 12 sick days per year, all the holidays off (without having to wait to pass probation to be entitled to a paid holiday day off). If you don't use all of them, and you leave the firm, you should be paid for them, the same way you are paid for unused vacation time.

European employers usually provide 4-6 weeks vacations for people, America provides the least amount of vacation time compared with it's European neighbors. They claim well it gets hot in Europe in the summer, well it gets hot here too.

If you need time off for Dr. appts. you should not HAVE to use your sick time, if you can make up that time, come in early, stay late, it should be optional for the employee to choose how to get his workload done.

Mandatory Annual Cost Of Living Wage Adjustment Increases whether the job be a government, civil service or private sector job. Employer based optional performance based salary increases annually.

Creation of Weather Days Off. Why should people have to use their vacation, sick or personal time if there is a big snowfall, or torrential rain, ice or tornado weather and the company is too cheap to close. We don't all just go into garages, get into our Four Wheel or All Wheel Drive SUV's to get to to wor. Why do employees have to risk their lives just to come to work? People especially in NY cannot drive in more than 4-6 inches of snow, yet businesses do not close even when there is 15 inches, it is just your problem. Nobody other than first responders, police, firefighters should venture out on days like that.

Company holidy dinners, picnics should occur on company time. Employees should not be forced to come on weekends and give up what little free time they have to attend a company function. If they want a picnic in the summer, have it start at noon on a Friday and end by 3 pm, people would come to it. Same with the mandatory Holiday parties, have a dinner from 1-3 pm and let people go home early, don't tell them 'it's your party but no you cannot leave before 5 pm because it is till a work day'.

Mandatory salary surveys by all firms annually. Pay a living wage as defined by the Universal Living Wage campaign.


[-] 1 points by marsdefIAnCe (365) 12 years ago

no bill that actually promotes jobs in the USA is going to get passed, all the republicrats and the 3rd gen CIA illegal resident hate america