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Forum Post: A thought-Statement of Values and Goals Part 2 (My individual thought only)

Posted 7 years ago on Oct. 9, 2011, 4:02 p.m. EST by HMSinnott (123)
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Here is part 2:

Value 4

We believe that it is essential that every citizen, regardless of his or her economic status, have an equal voice in the governing of their communities, states and country, and with that the unfettered right to speak out, advocate, vote, and if desired, run for public office.


  1. Corporations, as a creation of the state, are not real “persons” even though they consist of individuals banded together to conduct an enterprise. Accordingly, the persons who constitute that corporation have rights as citizens, but the corporation does not and the Constitution should be revised or amended to make that the law of the land.
  2. Every campaign or interest group advocating in an election shall be required to disclose the identity and amount of money contributed to it to the public.
  3. The federal and state governments shall be permitted to enact reasonable limitations on campaign contributions and expenditures.
  4. We advocate public financing of elections to permit access to public discussion by all persons.

Value 5 We believe that every person has the expectation that they will be allowed to benefit from the fruits of their hard work, ingenuity and investment, but that with any success, there comes the obligation to treat those responsible for that success with fairness, dignity and respect and also allow others to so benefit from their own hard work, ingenuity and investment, whether such investment is in the form of labor or capital.

  1. The income tax system must reflect that the poor, working class and middle class pay a higher proportion of their income in taxes for such things as the payroll tax, sales taxes, personal property taxes, as well as government fees.
  2. We support the nearly 100 year history of a progressive income tax that provides that those at a higher income pay a higher rate to support the vital institutions of our society. The current rate structure does not meet that standard and must be revised, since it only contributes to the current income gap among our people.
  3. We support improving the corporate governing process so that all employees, and not just the relatively few executives at the top share in the profits that are created by the efforts of the entire enterprise.
  4. There must be a decentralization of our banking and financial system so that no entity’s failure can have catastrophic impact on the economic system.

Value 6

We believe that a thriving ecosystem is essential to the long-term health, well-being and economic success of humanity, and thus believe that sustainable means of energy production and consumption, as well as food production needs to be explored and supported.


  1. Energy use should reflect the true societal cost, including military actions, pollution affect, and health care costs. Where this goal creates dislocations, either in energy costs or industry dislocation, assistance must be given to ameliorate such effects.
  2. Businesses and industries should be given incentives to conduct their operations in an environmental proper manner, and research and development programs should be created to allow for the creation of new technologies and energy sources that will lead to a sustainable economy.
  3. Our educational system must emphasize the importance of a healthy environment for the future of our world and of the human species. .



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