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Forum Post: A Single Focus -

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 7, 2011, 7:10 p.m. EST by Firstpoet (7) from Cleveland, OH
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I hope this gains a simple, straight-forward focus and purpose that grows to straighten out our 'broken' governace - there are simple questions the "99%" should ask of our government. I personally would start with their 'entitlements'...since they are looking at Social Security and other things that they call our 'entitlements', even though our employers and ourselves have paid into it more than we ever will take out, individually -

Why do the elected officials in Washington gain another retirement benefit other than the one all of us working US Citizens are eventually going to be a part of - Social Security. It makes no sense to me that we have created 'royalty' in the USA - that to me is a central point that could use some 'correction'. We fought the British to gain autonomy from royalty, yet we really have it here with this simple fact. They don't deserve more or a 'better' program then each of us do - it's that simple.

Where do the funds come from for all those folks currently retired from the Senate/Congress/etc.? I've never heard about that fund or how big it is. Let's liquidate it, put it in Social Security, retract whatever they have voted in for themselves, and put them all on the same program we all will be on. Level the playing field.

I want to hear their rationale for why they think this is deserved for them...don't you - and don't you think that everyone can agree on this simple question. Start there and it will lead you to what is wrong and we can all believe in it. My 2-cents



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