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Forum Post: a question for "libertarians"

Posted 3 years ago on Oct. 31, 2011, 5:36 p.m. EST by annie (132) from San Diego, CA
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This was originally written by me as a response to a libertarian thread I was participating in but I have wondered this forever....so I ask all libetarians out there....

"if we could listen to the most educated voices, from your "side" and from "mine", the guys who wrote the book, as they say...after all is said and done, we just might be tempted to think eachothers idea might work... ..maybe if our country could start over ...your way could work. (Or mine.) If every regulation you oppose was gone. If every subsidy, no more. Government out of business, taxes gone or minimal. Exactly how you would like it....well, maybe it would be a damn fine place to live freely. And maybe if we could start the country over and if my all my best ideas could come true tomorrow it would be a lovely world. Because I think that's what both of us want and see in our minds when we think about our ideas coming to fruition. But...we aren't starting from scratch. We have huge populations of people and all sorts of corrupt institutions in place...in government, in corporations, in unions, with lobbyists, with foundations etc etc. Basically we have a lot of powerful people out there who make it difficult to start over.....so, again, the question... whose ideology, yours or mine, is more likely to work now???? The one where we just open the flood gates to corporations deepest desires? or the one where we get $ outta politics and impose some regulations. (and as my old political science teacher would say..."discuss" :) annie