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Forum Post: A Proposal: Serious, Legal, Feasible, and..... Earthfuckingshaking

Posted 11 years ago on Aug. 24, 2012, 12:12 a.m. EST by ogoj11 (263)
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A massive program of Spanish lessons, everyone of us, all over the country speaking Spanish, speaking it everywhere, maybe speaking it poorly, but who cares, we'd be embracing the immigrants, adopting their language as a symbol of our refusal to be divided.

In the south where I live, as soon as Jim Crow was gone, the system found a substitute, a new group to underpay, a new racism to divide the wage earners. Can their system survive without a racist division? Let's find out. Let's completely change the way the issue is discussed.

Instead of asking whether a few 'good' immigrants can be gradually, conditionally, expensively, amnestied, let's UNITE with every immigrant and open our arms for more.

Amnesty! What an insult! As if people needed to be forgiven for being uprooted, sweated, exploited, subject to family breakups -just like slaves. We'll open a new debate. Should the immigration police receive amnesty? Should the officers at the School of the Americas receive amnesty?

See the big picture. Immigration is the MAJOR issue in Europe, the fault line between left and right. Can you see our German brothers learning Turkish and Occupy France learning Arabic and the Brits learning Urdu? This proposal could change the world.

Please come to Occupy Raleigh's Forum to discuss this. Please, I hope to hear whether you think this is a good idea.



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