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Forum Post: A pledge to uphold the constitution with financial cost to break

Posted 6 years ago on March 16, 2012, 11:48 a.m. EST by WinFree (1) from Winnipeg, MB
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I would like to suggest a pledge... actually two pledges be created in the US and any other nation where the public feel their constitutional rights are being destroyed.

The first pledge is for elected politicians, be they presidents, vice presidents, senators, or local representatives of any sort. The pledge would state that they will vote against any legislation/law/treaty/etc. which suspends or violates constitutional rights, and will resign their position should they find themselves unable to comply. The second pledge is for voters, and is a simple affirmation that NONE of the constitution nor it's supporting documents are optional and to be discarded, and that if our candidates violate this, we will vote against them regardless of party affiliations. It would also state that we will vote for a candidate who is willing to sign the first pledge over one who is not.

If it is done right, this is something that can be supported by everyone from the EFF to the NRA. Habeas Corpus has been eroded a little at a time. The NDAA was just the final nail in a coffin that both R. and D. governments have been building since 9/11. We must demand better ... and we must create a price for ignoring those demands.



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