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Forum Post: A Plan for Action - Here and Now

Posted 8 years ago on March 12, 2012, 7:44 p.m. EST by imo (3)
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While Occupy movement develops, people lose homes, go without medical care and die, suffer from abuse, fraud etc. They can't wait for rosy future, they need help now. Occupy is still in its infancy and its long-term success remains to be seen, but to add to already established practices that concentrate on general goals to achieve progress for all, why not expand on occupying foreclosed homes idea and help people with whatever serious situation they have in the meantime? So here's an idea:

Create a website where those who need help can post and those who can help will reply with help offer - free of charge. It could be any kind of help, from professional to a simple face-off with a banker or other powers.

Let's say you, little David, have a problem. You have a choice: either give in to Goliath or fight it alone. Most people give in because wasting time, energy and often money is not worth it - more often than not, they will lose. Asking for help is not "cool" and we're shamed into silence and self-sufficiency. . Individualism is brainwashed into every American, because the principle "divide and conquer" works to control the minds of the masses. (A fantastic British documentary The Century of the Self (in Videos in the link below) exposes the birth and development of propaganda)

But what if each little David got a few other davids on his side? What if they show up together, help resolve the problem and publicize the result? Or loss?

So let's create a 99% community self-help network: Musketeers, People's List or People Shield or whatever. If someone needs help, others will volunteer to help out. When they need help themselves, the rest of the community will be there to support them. Their wins and settlements are published and their losses will provoke further actions from other members of the community. No more exploiting lack of knowledge, poor language skills or other weaknesses of the 99%. Knowing the entire community is behind every member, corporations, governments - any power entity - will think twice before imposing foreclosures, fees, unfair practices, fraud etc.etc. The idea is not to wait for change from those in power - prevent them from continuing the status quo in every individual case making the current injustice system unenforceable. It will be a labor union of the 99%.One for all and all for one.

It will give all participants something concrete to achieve and these small victories will energize the general movement. It will also test our true goals: are we really here to help those in need or other reasons?

A weekly or monthly newsletter with lists of companies and organizations that resolved the problem and those that did not will expose them to the community. Those conducting a fair business will be rewarded with mass community participation and those who do not will be boycotted. Government agencies and politicians will be treated the same way and exposed if they do not stand up for people they're supposed to protect.

The word of actual free help will spread like fire, membership will grow and become a unified force for change. Ground up.

More details; http://inspinwetrust.blogspot.com/2012/02/all-for-one-onefor-all.html



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