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Forum Post: A Novel Idea

Posted 6 months ago on April 7, 2020, 7:24 a.m. EST by elf3 (4203)
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Let's take all the people who can't seem to stay indoors, and volunteer them to work in grocery stores - and we can let grocery store workers who have been trapped in the greatest disgusting con - I've seen in this country in my day - go home and collect paid leave or unemployment?

I hope one day the world will reach a point where it will look back on this moment like we look back on the Titanic loading the rich into their lifeboats - how we threw blue collar workers who had been marginalized for so long on the land mine and walked over their bodies like they somehow owed it to us. Especially without forcing new OSHA protections and enforcement along with benefits, (um life insurance for their kids?) hazard pay, and choice if they aren't ok with the risk. It's truly barbaric to me.

Every grocery store should be required by mandate to run them as drive through or pick up - drop off a list at the window - come back in an hour. Not only are the stores a hot bed of infection for workers but it's turning into the main place where people will become infected; It's beyond stupid.



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[-] 1 points by gsw (3324) from Woodbridge Township, NJ 6 months ago

I finally left home to go to grocery, 3rd time in 4 weeks, all n95d up, and was shocked that there was no plexiglass barrier at checkout stand, as in another chain. And I did not see any worker with a mask.

Many shoppers with no mask.

Good idea, for drive up for delivery, or deliver on doorstep,

Also, plan ahead. Delivery service may be 4 days out. Order takeout, and plan ahead.

Save lives, everyone.

Sadly, we are an ignorant society, don’t want to listen to common sense good advice, like the lady on the news attending church, saying I’m covered in the blood of Jesus. I am safe. I can attend a huge gathering, it is my right.

Maybe you need to behave a bit differently in a pandemic, America.

[-] 1 points by elf3 (4203) 6 months ago

Yes ...and we are seeing two sets of rules: one for corporations and another for people who are fast becoming subjects to the elite ruling class and their propaganda and rules. Video of a girl who is clearly triggered (by um the stress of a pandemic and probably old trauma...perhaps by the fact that she is facing eviction - who knows) she is anyway spouting her mouth of that she basically hates everyone and wants to see them all infected blah blah blah - now there is an all points bulletin and she is wanted for terrorism by police. If we are going to go around arresting every traumatized triggered person spouting off in anger we are going to have a long line of people to arrest. They don't even know if she is actually sick or the circumstances. (Maybe she is being forced to go in and work for Walmart? Maybe she is angry over the lack of protection and employees dying and simply spouting off about the irony?) On the other hand we have corporations like Walmart, Amazon, and UPS specifically covering up cases of Covid and knowingly exposing workers to Covid without notifying them - and without following CDC protocols of distancing or cleaning etc. and you can call and write as many government representatives as you can - and noone cares. Somehow this isn't terrorism or endangering the public health? So there are definitely two sets of rules for corporations v people which makes us separate and unequal under the law.

How can we have an APB all points bulletin out for someone spouting off her anger at the situation - who perhaps hasn't broken any laws at all meanwhile corporations are allowed to break all CDC recommendations and it's considered eh ok? I bet a lot of people are very angry. Suddenly they are making anger illegal in America. That's a very dangerous precedent. So as long as there are millions of dollars involved you are allowed to harm the public - if you're an individual pissed off by injustice - watch out for the APB? This is where we are now - just part of the new corporate tyranny. We can no longer verbally express anger at the tyrannical forces controlling our lives and circumstances. But those same tyrannical forces are given carte blanche to violate and cause harm to people. There is something very wrong with this. We need to take care of our rights to free speech because they are quickly dissolving.

Alongside this - 1 in 6 men have childhood trauma, and 1 in 4 women do. That's a whole lot of people who are going to be especially anxious by this current uncertainty and fear. When we start criminalizing trauma and ptsd symptoms - it's a massive revictimization of this vulnerable population who is also underserved by a lack of access to health care and therapy. We need to start recognizing trauma symptoms in our nation - and begin to address it with empathy. Asking anyone to bottle in emotions is a terrible idea. While it isn't the best coping mechanism - verbally spouting off about something is exactly what it is. Why is our government suddenly criminalizing this? It's a step closer toward that totalitarian abyss.

As well as psychopaths - the type of people who actually do harm others - have incredible emotional containment. You don't see them coming - and they certainly don't go around announcing it which is why they rarely get caught. People spouting off in emotional anger aren't generally the people we need to worry about. Ceo's on the other hand will kill many people with a smile and warm handshake New England Compounding Centers knowingly infecting the masses with meningitis - and even when caught - no shame. Cool as cucumbers. Wink and a nod and a wave to the crowd.