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Forum Post: A "No Compromise" Candidate Cannot Win!

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 29, 2011, 3:36 p.m. EST by arealpolitik (154)
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By John Liming - http://thelimingview.blogspot.com/

As the author of a Liberal-leaning political blog there is one thing I can be very happy about concerning the 2012 Presidential Race.

I am pleased that we can see Right Wing candidates for the highest office in the land who seem to want to court the ideals of the Tea Party and others who hate the word, “Compromise.”

The reason I can say I am happy to see this state of affairs among those candidates who represent the Right and the Far Right is that I am totally convinced–based on Historical evidence– that a candidate of “No Compromise” doesn’t have a Peck’s chance in Heck (Politically-correct word to substitute for “The Bad Place”) of winning the Presidency.

That is the good news. The other good news is that I don’t think a lot of them are actually smart enough to understand that their immovable positions are more of a turn off to The American People than they might imagine in their wildest imaginations.

You see, folks, regardless of what the Right might think, there are more people in this country than them and there are more who will cast votes than just their own ilk. Is that a surprise to anyone? It might be to them because I actually believe they think there is no one else out there but them and theirs. I believe sometimes that many of them believe there is no one else or that no one else matters.

America was built on compromise and all our major difficulties have been resolved through compromise. Our Constitution was forged through compromise and the very structure of our Government was arrived at through people willing to sit down and work things out together in a spirit of compromise.

This “No Compromise” idiocy is something new to American Politics and, in my opinion, is the reason that Congress is in a state of paralysis. I believe that as long as one side holds the other hostage through refusal to compromise on issues, the Government will be in a state of permanent stagnation. And, in my own personal opinion, no one has “No Compromise” more down pat than some of the more powerful Conservatives in government.

It seems to be their mantra.

I credit this potentially-fatal flaw in our Governmental Process to those great architects of the status quo, regression, and stagnation, The Conservatives, Neo-Conservatives, Ultra-Conservatives and Far Right Wing Religious Radical Conservatives. I wish there were a few more moderates, personally. When there were a lot of moderates, worthwhile things got done.

You see, folks, the attitude of “No Compromise” is, in my opinion, nothing more than an extension of the precepts of the party of No, Nothing and Nonsense that has showed it’s intransigence and lack of leadership ability on Capitol Hill and in state governments all across this great land.

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