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Forum Post: A new initiative called BALLOT will let users up vote or down vote political issues.

Posted 7 years ago on May 19, 2012, 1:10 p.m. EST by Johnw (44)
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BALLOT is a project which allows users to decide, through up voting and down voting, what political issues are important to them.

BALLOT has the objectives to:

  • develop technical tools to measure the alignment between voters' opinions and politicians' voting records in Congress.
  • identify, debate, and vote on key political issues;
  • encourage the participation in the political process coming from those sectors of the culture that do not feel fully represented;
  • contribute to the integration of the different political ideologies, with the overall objective to merge different contributions of users into a unified platform;
  • set a high standard of social decorum for discussing political ideas and laws;

The final aim of BALLOT is to bring together the vox populi as a unified front in order to convey to politicians the multifaceted opinions of all Americans. The site is intended to provide a comprehensive, real-time overview of the entire American political opinion sorted by geographical regions. The site provides a mechanism for facilitating the inclusion of new digital opinion polls into American politics.

We the people are all stakeholders in the future of the country. The site will give people a say in the direction of the country by voting on which ideas should be carried out. People shouldn't follow the will of the government, rather the government should follow the will of the people.



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