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Forum Post: A New Economic Bill of Rights

Posted 12 years ago on Nov. 4, 2011, 7:54 p.m. EST by grvillage (0)
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I've made a start. Feel free to comment:

1.No exercise of money or wealth, or qualities related to these, shall be construed to be equivalent or positively related to speech, free speech, or the exercise thereof. Speech shall not be garnered or rationed on the basis of money or wealth or qualities related to money or wealth. (The purpose of this amendment is to facilitate equal access to the public dialog.)

2.Only individual biological humans, as described under the laws pertaining to citizenship or legal residency within this Constitution or its Amendments, and no other entities, specifically such entities as are created for the purpose of conducting commerce, shall participate in, conduct, financially support, or in any other way effectively influence, or attempt to influence, the functions of, or election of candidates or adoption of provisions or revisions to, the federal government or any and all its related agencies or processes. (The purpose of this amendment is to counter and remedy special-interest control and influence on government.)

3.The personal, familial, professional, financial, and commercial information of citizens and legal residents shall be secure and considered personal private property, and its unauthorized conversion, sale, use, or distribution prohibited. Waiver or restriction of this right is prohibited and shall not be a condition of commerce. (The purpose of this amendment is to ensure the privacy, identity, and security of citizens and legal residents.)

4.All items, products, services, commodities, or utilities offered for public consumption, including preparatory and subsequent activities and operations related to said products, services, commodities or utilities, shall be shown to be substantially safe for human and environmental health and welfare prior to commencement of such activities and offerings, within the current limits of analysis and reasonable knowledge, with any doubt resolved in favor of the People's and environmental health and welfare. Responsibility for substantiating said safety of products and services shall rest with the producers and providers of said products and services, and not with the People, or any government level, division, or agency. (The purpose of this amendment is to ensure human and environmental health and welfare.)

5.All the rights and liberties contained within this Constitution or so implied or interpreted in law shall apply in and on all commercial and public places, settings, properties, holdings and situations within these United States of America, unless a compelling, substantial, and particular conflict with the exercise of a private property right can be actively demonstrated. (The purpose of this amendment is to ensure that growing privatization of space in the United States, along with workplace assaults on privacy, do not impact the free exercise of constitutional rights.)

6.All the rights and liberties contained within this Constitution or so implied or interpreted in law shall apply equally to all citizens and legal residents of the United States, regardless of age, race, ethnicity, religion, lifestyle or gender, and all opportunities be made reasonably and equally available to all said citizens and legal residents, providing the practice of such rights and liberties does not substantially infringe on the welfare of the People or their free practice of same said rights and liberties.

7.To preserve the integrity of the electoral system at all levels, be it involving candidates, amendments, issues, propositions or the like, all such elections will be financed by a public fund, contributions to which shall not be of a form or effect which would preclude otherwise qualified candidates or proponents of any of the above electoral categories from so running or proposing. No private funds or other equivalent resources may be utilized in such electoral categories. This shall not be considered a limitation on freedom of speech, but more accurately, a prohibition on the rationing of speech according to undemocratic, wealth and influenced based means.

8.All media which is licensed by any government agency to utilized a portion of broadcast spectrum or offered to the public via electronic means must provide equal and equivalent time for sufficient response to commercial content which is substantially of a political, life-style, industry-supportive, societal, and not of a specific product-based quality.

9.... 10....



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[-] 1 points by mtmama (34) 12 years ago

Good luck. Unfortunately, you thought as I did, that this was the new American Revolution.