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Forum Post: A message from Gasland the movie to You

Posted 5 years ago on Jan. 2, 2013, 9:54 p.m. EST by SparkyJP (1646) from Westminster, MD
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I know many of you out there are concerned about natural gas fracking. I just received this email from Josh Fox - the creator of 'Gasland the Movie' and wanted to pass it on.


What do you think of this?

Governor Cuomo's administration recently released proposed regulations on fracking in New York. With this proposal, he brings the State of New York one step closer to our very own Gasland.

The best way to combat these regulations is to submit public comments before the January 11 deadline. We only have two short weeks to send a clear message to Governor Cuomo: his proposed regulations won't keep New Yorkers safe from the dangers of fracking.

Last time a public comment period was opened in New York tens of thousands of comments came in. We need the same volume this time to make sure there's no confusion about where we stand.

Our friends at New Yorkers Against Fracking have made raising your voice easy:

• Write a comment every day to the state using this simple online form with guidelines for a different comment every day. By taking literally 5 minutes every day to submit a comment, you can help stop fracking in New York. Any comments produced using this online system will be counted and hand-delivered to the Department of Environmental Conservation thanks to NYAF.



• Ask friends to submit comments using this simple online form from NYAF. Please forward this email to your friends and visit our Facebook page to find posts you can share.




The Cuomo administration issued these regulations before finishing the health and environmental impact study the Governor requested himself. They say they will tack on changes to the regulations when they see the health study. The protection of our health should be the first priority of the government—not something added on at the last minute.

Especially considering the alarming health concerns we could face if drill rigs go up in New York. From toxic wastewater to methane emissions, there are plenty of problems that can’t be fixed by any regulations. At the end of the day, there is no such thing as "safe" fracking.

Governor Cuomo needs to hear our voices, and he needs to hear them over and over again until he bans fracking in New York.

The holiday season is the time to be grateful for what we have – the health of our families, clean air, safe water. Please take action now to keep it that way.




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[-] 1 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 5 years ago

Cuomo, despite his apparent desire to please his political/fund raising masters, will not bring fracking to NY. That would make him a one term governor.

The choice is very stark -- do what the people want and ban fracking and run again and maybe run for president -- or give in to the industry and be a one term governor.

[-] 0 points by SparkyJP (1646) from Westminster, MD 5 years ago

Gov. Cuomo and New York would be frackin’ “crazy” to continue its fracking ban.

That’s the message from former Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell, a Democrat whose state has seen an economic boom from high-volume hydraulic fracturing for natural gas.


Ed Rendell has been telling Cuomo how well fracking pays. Maybe Cuomo will be able to afford to ditch the Governor's job if he lifts the ban. He's definitely being pushed.

Since you're in NY, it wouldn't hurt to let him know how you feel. Repeatedly !

[-] 0 points by nomdeguerre (1775) from Brooklyn, NY 5 years ago

Rendell is a DINO. On Bush v. Gore, he was a surrender monkey. He should have been/still should be kicked out of the Democratic Party.