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Forum Post: a legend in his place

Posted 12 years ago on Oct. 22, 2011, 5:56 p.m. EST by 2one4one (0)
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Now a days it seems as though the world is dreary and the only rememberance of the “american dream” are when national momuments are torn down. We feed on the nostalgia of black and white photos and whatever “kick” will get you to your next high. Propolfol, viagra, bankruptcy laws, credit card debt, immagration, ethnic cleasing, oil spills. It seems the very ground we walk on is demanding answers. How far have we come that a billion dollars does not solve problems but creates them? 1 billion dollars.. Roll that number in your head. If money is a zero sum game, are we the ones playing this game wrong? America it self was founded on some shaky terms. The idea of slavery pulls on the same strings as the holocaust but why can’t both numbers be found? We are no longer producing life, but are thrown into the idea that life is but a dream. That the walls are built this high for a reason. That the world is shaped by the arms of god to bring you back to him. The seperation and the church and state? The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was that he doesnt exsist. If the equvaliancy of life on this earth and never being part of life is beyond our comprehension should we not see death in the same light? That death is not to be worried about for life has captured us to show us who we are. Are we mistakes or are does not life bring with it spirit and conviction. The human soul must be a god unto itself. For it can end like that or it can keep us safe for a dream that does not need us. We have been condition to fear the outdoors. To distrust the skies and never to question why we feel high when walking into Wunceler. The powers that be have seem to understand this sweeping arm of life and want to continue feeding the machine. The machine has a name though, 50 million dollar houses, and AIDS, yachts and junkbonds, meth and nyquil. They just package it so you have to have it. They are good at dividing people then trying to compartmentalize them, 1 country, 50 states, divided them up. Red and blue, donkeys and elephants, puerto rico, hawaii, the domican rebublic, the hamptons. Conferates and jackie chan. And once they have you peering outside your window, they sew it back up. You are an american you are privelged and wanted. You are the few who have access to “our dream”. If america is playing a game, should we not know the rules? Should we not understand the blueprints, should we not know what piece were playing? Underneath soap operas and the super bowl, underneath pepsi and mcdonalds underneath the very seal we put up shouldn’t the ulimate goal be for a united front? This pill we have been force fed is becoming more apperant as they are seeping into are the necessities of life. Food, clothing, shelter.Listeria outbreaks, nike factories in vietnam, the “housing market.We sit and watch the news as we are fed punchline after punchline of what “is happening”. So we watch the news and everytime they say outbreak, civil war, missing girl, border patrol, seized and returned, cymbalta, injury attorneys, the lotto, the “return on investment”, we inject ourselves with posioned privelege. They pummel you till you nod your head and continue with your day. They call it honesty with people who look like you and people you wish you looked like. What is happening is the pawn is being pushed forward to occupy more space. They build a 2nd story and tell you its full. Then they build a new building and say this is paradise. Meanwhile they reinject the media to remind you that it could be worse. You could have been in a tornado. You could live next to the gulf, you could get shot if you walk into the wrong neighborhood. So hurry and take your seat cause there are those who would kill to have it. So we push, 9-5, work weekends and overtime. We keep our heads down because the top of our heads is the easiest way through. Button ups and ties, blouses and skirts. Che vergara and hitler. You are the sweeping arm of life you are an american making the world a better place. And when you have paid the dues of living life, your dreams and ours will be one in the same.
What right do they have to partake in your dream? How can they even understand your dream My dream does not contain pesticides and mad cow disease. Brats and waterparks, my dreams don’t contain high fructose corn syrup and plastic waterbottles. My dream does not have walgreens and black history month. The very audacity to say “your dream” should be grounds for a smack.For in my dreams none of this exists. You and your 15% CDs and your .312 percent ERA don’t exist. You and my dreams have nothing in common so why should we be friends? Cause we got health insurance and a 401k. We got company cars and assigned parking. We have happy hour and office parties. We are the walkway into comfort and serenity. But most importantly if your not with us you are against us. So walk the plank or grab an oar cause we don’t make the rules we just play the game. Sounds familar doesn’t. No harm no foul. Out of sight out of mind.



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