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Forum Post: A decade on FIRE!

Posted 6 years ago on Oct. 24, 2011, 5:33 p.m. EST by mleon (53) from New York, NY
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so OWS will eventually end. the 60 projected days will never be enough to really accomplish change....BUT

let this be the spark that lights the fire. make contacts at the occupation, start new groups, and continue when you get back home.

To zizev, carnivals come cheap.

So here is my rebellion

  1. fight consumer culture is what keeps us following celebrites and politicians that ultmately use us for their own ends, and leave us high and dry.

When you can, run open source software instead of propreitary. Nerds are people, corporations are not. Linux on the deskop is great, but even using OSX and Windows, most open source desktop apps run just fine, and you'd be supprised how much better they run than closed source.

Listen to underground music and participate in underground music scenes that have a for us by us attitude instead of corporate music (like punk rock for example).

Learn to DIY, the basics of fixing things, and be handy.

Stop buying into brand names. Don't defend or attack brand names. When possible support companies and products that have a better record on human/enviromental rights than their competitors. I understand that people made and non-coporate options are not avaible for everything, but try to find them when you can (like open source, underground music, and credit unions).

Create consumerist free alternatives for anything you can. Most of you cannot, but if you can, create exploitation free alternatives.

Stay away from celebrities. They are self-absorbed, or at least have a personal stake at seeing any truely grassroots movement failing. They make money selling their image, one they by through PR marketing middlemen. Smash this system and you will earn their ire. They are NOT 99%. If you let them into your movements, they will turn it against you, and wrest control from you, and use it to sell themselves and whatever products advertisers pay them for.

Also, don't get into extremism. In prior movements, like the vanguard, it just creates elitism and problems. Some people are stuck in certain spots. Be slow to judge. A step in the right dirrection is always better than nothing.

In the short term its always good to comprimise to seek consensus, but keep your morales in the long run.

Stop arbitrary personal judgements about people. If its not hurting anyone else, leave it alone.

End the long hair vs short hair bullshit. Burry the 60s culture war, and let people decide how to run their own personal lives. This is a better way to build consensus.

Instead of pointing your finger, try and help people. Believe it or not, most people are ABSOLUTELY MISRABLE with how things are run. Being an early adopter doesn't give you special rights over them. In fact, the idea is no one gets special rights anymore. Isn't it?

ORGANIZE. OWS will end, take the contacts you made there, and get some new ones and start new movements, political parties, and carry on the ideas of OWS everywhere you can.

Retake what is "just" vs "unjust", and stop believing in arbitraly made boundries that where erected to help the people in charge and keep us disorganized.

Grass roots - keep all organization grass roots, all leaders chosen ground up. The instant you loose grass roots charter, is the instant you loose credibility. Someone did start this, but the true nature of this all, is that it is as real as it is in you.

As they said about punk rock. Punk will live so long as there is as much as one real punk left. There will be a scene so long as there are 3-4 people in a band somewhere. So we should have the same mentality about this new movement. It needs not a name either, because if you can name something you can hate it. As long is there is one believer left, the movement lives. As long as there are 3 together, you have an organization. From that base you can keep going forever, and rebuild again and again.

Don't let the mainstream media, and editorials from newspapers sway you. They will hate you because you don't offer them anything. You will be dirrectly endagering their system of advertising and marketing, by making

Cooperation with others with similar intentions and designs is essential. But bewary of infiltrators and imposters, and egoists and sabeutors.

Set backs - will happen, but do not let them set you back for good.

More to come. But just think long term here. Think what is just and not, and think for the better benefit for our nation, and mankind as a whole. I think the rest will follow.

I am asking you to help me set the 2010s on fire. Just because the mainstream media lives in the world of a 2-hour movie plot line doesn't mean you need to. Do what you can, when you can. We will win.



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