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Forum Post: A Collective Framework for Future Subversive Movements: The Social Co-Op

Posted 5 years ago on May 14, 2012, 10:26 a.m. EST by lamebuffaloinabook (0)
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Abstract: The purpose of this article is to present definitively a unique framework in which the Occupy movement of concomitant popularity, and other similar movements, may certainly succeed. This theory is predicated upon the collective adoption of social cooperation- that is, if one is in need of food, it is given to them, if one is in need of water, it is given to them, if one is in need of a book, it is given to them. This framework devalues the utilization of assemblies, and operates under the pretense that if the principles of social doctrine which these movements support are implemented, they will have succeeded.

Introduction: It is the purpose of this work to introduce a theory of social cooperation. In actuality, it would be more correct to say that this work constitutes the redefinition of a theory of social cooperation- one based upon the principals of collective, communal interaction. Throughout New York City, it is not uncommon to witness the Occupy movement. Many passers-by treat it as a spectacle of sorts; perhaps discussing matters amongst themselves, or the police. The police are there, in hordes as well- at least, that is, the last time I witnessed it. They surround the streets at every turn, they have roped off the protesters with yellow tape, and attached to their belts, amongst the standard tools of the trade, if you will, are hundreds of economical handcuffs- a rather ironic implementation. It is in the zip ties that they carry by the hundreds that they have debased the progress of society. It is in the tear gas, the rubber bullets, the fractured skulls, the beaten women, men and children, that they have debased progress. The hindrance of progress is not uncommon, so please, do not get too incensed about it. It has happened and will continue to happen. The society which we inhabit is not a unique instance, either. It is but another failed facet of the human experiment. Mostly, its' failure lies in its reinforcement of division- the segregation of human beings factually into classes, the subjugation and social rectification of the masses, all serve in praxis to divide. What is the true nature of our society? It is one of division. You see, those that have been educated will continue to educate their offspring, in whatever manner they see fit. Those that have not been educated will continue to constitute the mass of society. Those who have been educated have manipulated the system to their advantage. But, no manipulation is exercised without subsequent manipulation of the self. Thusly segregation occurs. Those who possess, the "Bourgeois", the "rich", the "1%", such semantics are merely talking points. No true progress has ever been made on the basis of semantics alone. It is the implementation of the ideology either deriving or derivative of the semantics, that constitutes a basis therefore. Within the various factions of the U.S. Occupy movements, there is little to no ideological consistency. These are factions that are met with police resistance at every turn, people are being hurt, there are some instances of vandalism which have occurred. These are certainly not favorable conditions for progress to be made. To clarify, when I say "progress", I mean explicitly the eradication of the wage/commodity system of economics, I am referring to the need-based communal cooperation of society, organized regionally, I am referring to a system which may most aptly be characterized as Democratic Utopian Maoism, or, at the individual level, social co-ops. I am writing as to the necessity of such eradication, and implore each individual who may read this to consider the following argument for doing so.

You have come to be, in some way, disillusioned with society. Be it through the immensity of student debt, be it through empathic concern for the state of humanity, be it through whatever, you have sought to express your displeasure. You have done so through assembly. You have gathered in public places to express a vague, often ambivalent and ephemeral ideology with little to no basis amongst the actual members of the assembly for the said ideology you which to express. Such assembly is thus not expressing an ideology. That is to say, by gathering in public places, such movements as the Occupy movement do little to nothing to accomplish nothing. 
Consider the true nature of our society. There is no such thing as social freedom within our world. We are all universally free to do as we wish, there is simply a vast body of idiots regulating our freedom, impugning upon it at every turn a reduction, until there is little left but shit. 
Money is the reason your parents get up and go to work. Money is the reason your parents bought a house. Money is the reason you went to college. Money is the reason you get up and go to work. Money is the reason you eat. Money is the reason you drink. Money is the reason you read a book. Money is the reason. 
But you see, rather curiously, money isn't real, and we have chosen it as superior to what is real, or at least a dominant majority has designated it as such. You don't have to get up and go to work, you don't have to answer telephones, or type, or write copy. You don't have to buy a house to have shelter. You don't have to pay to learn. You don't have to have money to eat. Money is not inherent to the biological process of food consumption. It is just that simple. Money is not reason. 
When you live in a society in which the common response to such complaints is "You need money to live", "That's just the way it is", "Our world works that way", there is no reason. At least within the realm of public discourse and societal thought. 

Those that conform to such societal ideals, it is important to note, although they maintain a sensibility of consciousness, of life, they are not alive. They have not thought. You do not need money. You do not need to go to work. You need to eat and sleep and drink water and masturbate or fuck. You need to think to truly live. So, you gather on the streets and the cops beat the shit out of you. They dissemble your encampments and perhaps inflict bodily harm or otherwise upon you. What do you do? You publish internet memes with the address of perpetrating police officers. You gather again in public places, and the cops beat the shit out of you again.

You do not need to do this. If you truly want to accomplish something, all you need to do is accomplish it. Implement a new societal framework within the interconnected lives of all protesters. There is a vast body of human beings involved in these protests. Utilize it, and implement a form of community cooperation as a progressive solution to your complaints. Take advantage of social media. Turn it against the corporations. You complain of conspiracy to debase internet freedom. If each protester was to set up 10 accounts on Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr alike, and subsequently establish a seemingly viable personality for each 10 accounts- and subsequently, like 100 items monthly which are commercial in origin, to which these individuals have no connection, to which they have no attachment, the efficacy of this marketing tool would be instantaneously ruined. There would be no need for legislation legalizing government and corporate correspondence, because such correspondence would be useless. The above example works as follows.

I am a protester. I set up 10 accounts on Facebook, Twitter and Tumblr. To each account, I like 100 different pages. I smoke, so I like non-smoking political initiatives. I do not play or enjoy football, yet I like ESPN, ESPN Mobile, the NFL, and perhaps the AF/NFC. Do you see? You feed them random input, so thusly they will only have random, decorrelating material as a basis to sell shit to you.

There is one true way to overthrow a dominant, externally pervasive hierarchy- by violent revolution. There is, correspondently, one true way to overthrow a dominant, internally pervasive hierarchy- by exercising the process of thought.

Think. You must overcome the human experiment by thinking, so that we may then conclude the experiment.

To all occupiers, to all protesters, to all sign holders, to all who have been beaten, to the prisoners, to those who have been arrested and are pending trial, to those who have been searched, to those against whom evidence has been falsified (such as in the case of myself), disband your Occupy encampments.

Disband these assemblies, and organize through the tools of social media your ideology. Cooperate communally amongst one another. Do not go to work. Do not pay the bills. Survive on your own. Recruit the bodies of those more willing and able where you are not. Feed each other, teach other. Do not attempt to communicate to the general public these ideas through the process of assembly. Communicate, and articulate amongst yourselves your own successes, through the disbanding of your place in society.

In short, implement the co-op, and you will succeed. Yell to those who are deaf, and you will surely not communicate.

To quote the wisdom of French graffito anonymity, "Do not beg for the right to live- take it."



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