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Forum Post: A Bit of Mercy Goes Quite a Long Way

Posted 3 years ago on Aug. 28, 2020, 8:46 p.m. EST by grapes (5232)
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Due to a connection established via my de facto [adopted] бабушка/Grandma, I had joined husbands' "service" corps so I prepared to put on [dick]"head masks." The "services" said, "It's hip to be masked.

My Grandma was most influential in my family's life due to her knowledge, wisdom, connections, and influence. Who would or could have thought that a seemingly helpless widow could save our shantytown neighborhood from a conflagration, stop my family from being evicted to become homeless, entice Mom into home ownership which made much money, probably save me from starvation, and connect me to my wife?!

A bit of mercy shown towards her went quite a long way and came back with much reward. Our relationship with her convinced me of the potential value of old knowledge and wisdom so I don't mind being called "a conservative" or old-fashioned if my home is "conserved" from being consumed by fire because although this old lady wasn't the first one in the shared neighborhood communal kitchen staring out of a kitchen window to spot the fire on the opposite side of the walkway burning { all that the first [mesmerized] spotter said, when asked by other why she wasn't cooking but staring outside, was, "Look--there's a fire over there," and did absolutely nothing despite her own dwelling being just one wooden wall behind the unit on fire, } she overheard the transfixed neighbor's casual remark, drafted my Mom, and bolted into action, thinking fast of how to put out the burning window curtains near the nightstand with the left-for-work smoker's ashtray and instantaneously figuring out how to put out the fire without using any water, and saved our neighborhood. Recall that her difficulty with access to water triggered our initially forming a relationship with her to help her out. Should people respect and observe the smoker's "unit sovereignty" and just watch with the first spotter?



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[-] 0 points by grapes (5232) 3 years ago

Die hübsche Oma gefällt mir. ( I like my pretty Grandma. ) She frowns upon a babysitter kid-napping a kid for pubescent purpose although she likes the Arctic to strip it all off for trillions of dollars ( I wonder how real the gas and oil reserve estimates actually are because business people almost always exaggerate the potential gains from any venture in order to overcome the extra strong static friction initially.) We go to war over human rights violations. We know how to poison people, too. Japan and Ukraine have enough radioactivity available for humanity. Here are some more supplies perhaps even closer to you. Global Plutonium Association can chip in with its aerosol-making technology to assist.

"Skeleton Pit," Suicide Wall (自殺崖, a cliff/precipice), 飛鵝山, [Stone] Lion Pavilion (獅子亭), 《回頭是岸。》 They were all in our shantytown's many square miles of "backyard." It's where I learnt that not only could I have my head in the clouds with my feet planted firmly on solid rock, I could even walk upon a raincloud as stiff wind blew it in to wet my path ahead ( on Ma On Shan where there was basalt.) The airplanes/aeroplanes flew far low down there to touch down at Kai Tak Airport ( after making a fairly sharp right [last-chance] turn away from flying straight while throttling down the engines and aiming at a marked hill; Dad talked of this after his first flight all by himself coming home on Cathay Pacific Airways but I didn't understand what he was afraid of during the airplane's/aeroplane's landing until these days watching videos from the landings: "Holy Cow !" Yeah, turn, turn, turn ! but not too much [lest getting an off-runway dunking] ! when you hear the imminent-crash alarm.)

It mattered which mountain to climb ( some just couldn't let you be far above the clouds, ) how much effort and time to spend on it, in what weather conditions, and with what equipment. I had only climbed this mountain once very strenuously when I was a young kid and never again as I wised up ! Of course, nowadays I have virtually climbed it again several times already by watching people's videos.

There were some definite drawbacks ( but also benefits ) for me being the "license/licence to roam" of my teenage Big Brother who himself was exploring the world. The dangers of this climb were drawbacks. Teenagers believe that they are invincible but I wasn't a teenager ( because I was actually a kindergartener ) at that time. It was a nice view ( "we had a great view from up there !" but we didn't want to freak out Mom with our adventure's "little" details, right? it's discretion for upholding our Fifth Amendment right ) from up there but we didn't stay there for long because it was windy and we had to hurry along our very long trek back home along the roofs of several mountains { i.e. along the spines of the signature nine dragons 九龍 of Kowloon 九龍 }, lest we be caught by the bad weather brought in by the wind ( wind is the harbinger of weather changes because it's the negative gradient vector of air pressure field; clouds/mist/fog chart the spatial distribution of dew point equivalent to the temperature with 100% relative humidity { totally saturated with water vapor/vapour } in the air; a thin snow and frost layer on a meadow charts the contour of zero-Celsius/32-degree-Fahrenheit ambient temperature; not only is man a machine, the weather is a machine, and the Universe is a machine running down to the extremely cold and dark heat death.)

Here's why [wised-up] real men who never hesitate, take the scenic route--advice dispensed per my spiritual godfather's motto.