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Michael Moore To Be Interviewed by MSNBC's Lawrence O'Donnel - Live From Liberty Square 8PM

Posted 12 years ago on Sept. 28, 2011, 4:43 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt (1) from Plainfield, NJ



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[-] 5 points by BrewHaHa (7) from Tampa, FL 12 years ago

I support everything that Occupy Wall St. is doing. The Fed and its fractional reserve banking system is completely flawed. The corporatocracy has hijacked our precious democracy with the passing of the Federal Reserve Act and it NEEDS to be abolished! It allows a few elite to get rich by enslaving people and countries with debt that can never be paid back because the money to pay it back doesn't exist. Millions around the world are suffering needlessly and this shit has GOT TO GO!


[-] 1 points by sheso (5) 12 years ago

Tighten these up: Reinstate the Glass-Steagall Act Prosecute Wall Street Criminals Reverse Citizens United Tax Wealth Progressively End the Federal Reserve and so on.

[-] 1 points by shinyheart (27) 12 years ago

Even prior to Citizens United, money was a hugely corrosive influence in politics. I think to solve our problems at the root, we would need to institute publicly financed elections - politicians spend most of their time dialing for dollars nowadays, when they should be debating ideas and legislating. http://fairelectionsnow.org/about-bill

Other than that, this is an excellent list. Thank you, and well done.

[-] 1 points by SophieH (30) 12 years ago

I think this is brilliant. This is the best list of proposed demands I have seen. Kudos. Love the "Revolving Door" proposal. Very much needed and has been out of the public dialogue. I'm looking at you Henry Paulson.

Thank you for not adding "Abolish the Fed." The fed isn't a "private bank" like the Ron Paul supporters seem to think it is. I do NOT want Congress making monetary policy. The Fed could be reformed...put completely under Treasury (assuming the "revolving door" legislation gets passed), have more oversight. But a modern economy needs a central bank.

I LOVE this list. I'm only a day tripper to Liberty Plaza...but I cast my vote for THIS list.

[-] 3 points by syzygy556 (12) 12 years ago

you complain about no attention from the main street media, then you get all excited about lawrence odonell who has supported obama while he continued the exact same policies as bush..i'm not trying to be negative but this is getting pathetic..i was excited about this but this is ridiculous..you already getting taken over by the democratic establishment just like the tea party got taken over

[-] 3 points by sdkeller72 (26) 12 years ago

Abolish the Federal Reserve Banking System: Return the power to print money back to the US Treasury. There is ZERO reason that the taxpayers in the USA should be paying interest to the Fed (a private bank) just for printing our money. Everyone that works at the Fed needs to join the ranks of the unemployed, since it was their policies that have brought this country to its knees.

[-] 1 points by oclisa (74) 12 years ago

on another post, it was suggested that the occupation should include occupation of the Federal Reserve branches. I think that is the best idea offered all day.

[-] 1 points by Chromer (124) 12 years ago

This is what Kennedy wanted to do and look what happened to him.

[-] 1 points by Scout (729) 12 years ago

it is scandalous! A highly secretive and highly corrupt organisation that can even snub their noses at attempts by members of Congress and the Senate to investigate their activities. Damned right it should be abolished!

[-] 3 points by loneiwig (4) 12 years ago

We are the cashier, window washer, bank teller, teacher, cab driver, utility worker, nurse, doctor, police officer, fire man, US solider, pilot, sewage worker, garbage man were every one but not the politician wall street banker making our lives the way they feel it should be and not us they, want to keep us poor and down sick and hungry unable to fend for our self's, they want to take away our children's quality of life and future thru health education and equal opportunities,they would seem fit to control the people by any means and they will pay to have us killed if the suspect that were coming for them

[-] 3 points by JRed17 (3) 12 years ago

I hope this revolution spreads like the black plague. So many people in my family have suffured over the past four years due to layoffs and unemployment. Many are barely getting by financialy and recieve little assistance.This whole system is choking the middle class to death. I'm sick an tired of the system stealing from people who are barely getting by. Why are they going to take money that working class people had about break their necks to get; and give it to the wall street "LEECHES" who obviously don't know how to mangage it.You guys have my support from N.C. Power to the occupiers!!

[-] 2 points by MiddleMolly (39) from Chicago, IL 12 years ago

I also know many who are struggling. My ode to the "lazy, irresponsible unemployed":


[-] 2 points by sqrltyler (207) 12 years ago

I think these demands are pretty spot on, and carry a populist message that the 99% will embrace.

We need to eliminate lobbying all together. It's a bribe, and it lead us to the state of plutocracy we're in. There's no argument that can be used against this.

Number 3 is MANDATORY. The fact that a corporation can donate millions though PACs, and We The People can only donate $2,500 is a clear inequity.

Equal, FREE airtime for each candidate who can obtain a said amount of signatures would open our government to every American, further remove corporate influence, and free us of the two party system.

This is supposed to be a government of the people, for the people. We want our representative government back.

[-] 2 points by TheVolunteerWino (112) 12 years ago

I also demand free higher education for all with no government or corporate/money influence imposed on the structure as a whole - I also demand that the longer a person works , the more he makes in wages up to retirement

[-] 1 points by MiddleMolly (39) from Chicago, IL 12 years ago

I do agree that higher education needs to be better funded for people from the working and poor classes. We are in danger of falling behind countries all over the world because so many countries subsidize graduate level education of deserving, smart young people.

But I also feel that, if we can get the money and corporate influence out of our power structure, these kinds of changes will come.

[-] 1 points by TheVolunteerWino (112) 12 years ago

yes, i agree we are in danger of falling behind, . .I cant help but wonder that if the next Issac Newton, Galileo, or Albert Einstein, . .will be down hiding amongst the poor community, . . and we will never benefit from their graces simply because they didnt have equal opportunity, . . we may never know if this country could have been resurected at a time when it wasn't simply because we were to proud to see

[-] 1 points by TheVolunteerWino (112) 12 years ago

this country will greatly benefit by equal opportunity

[-] 2 points by amandamore (2) from Immokalee, FL 12 years ago

Ask this of manhattanites


after all- can't take from the poor forever

[-] 1 points by Scottymac (2) 12 years ago

Good point.

[-] 2 points by paine2 (2) 12 years ago

stay true today, strong for a lifetime. tonite millions more support you than last nite, and I am proud to stand in your company.

[-] 2 points by imjustbeginningtosee (3) from New Orleans, LA 12 years ago

You inspire me. This is the moment I have been thinking of and waiting for. I dearly wish I could be there. Is anything afoot in New Orleans?

[-] 1 points by MiddleMolly (39) from Chicago, IL 12 years ago

OccupyTogether.org is keeping a list of all ongoing and planned occupations. There is an OccupyNewOrleans Facebook page you may wish to check out.

[-] 1 points by Eli (1) from Eugene, OR 12 years ago
[-] 2 points by Yulan66 (2) 12 years ago

This is fantastic news. Michael asked Lawrence if the interview could be done there and he agreed. This is huge. Congratulations on your success so far, staying strong, united and calm. Support is behind you globally. I live in Australia and our news isn't covering this so I'm using facebook to share video and stories and clicking on everything related so it becomes more popular. As I sit here watching latest stories lots of places throughout America and beyond are responding and supporting and doing their bit in their town or city. This is a historical phenomenum.

[-] 2 points by DianaLee (55) from Salt Lake City, UT 12 years ago

I am occupying my home in Salt Lake City, Utah while recovering from ankle surgery. Consensus and nonviolent direct action have been my life's work. I send my love and support. Stay strong, resist war!

[-] 1 points by MiddleMolly (39) from Chicago, IL 12 years ago

Good luck in recovering from your surgery. I'm sure your thoughts and best wishes are appreciated. I'm from Chicago, and I'm thrilled that a group has started here as well.

[-] 1 points by syzygy556 (12) 12 years ago

hg wells predicated this over 50 years ago..this is the crux of the problem..May want to read his solutions

Nevertheless, because of the continually increasing efficiency of productive methods, the relative pressure of this new unemployed class increases. The "mob" of the twentieth century is quite different from the almost animal "mob" of the eighteenth century. It is a restless sea of dissatisfied young people, of young men who can find no outlet for their natural urgencies and ambitions, young people quite ready to "make trouble" as soon as they are shown how. In the technically crude past, the illiterate Have-nots were sweated and overworked. It was easy to find toil to keep them all busy. Such surplus multitudes are wanted no more. Toil is no longer marketable. Machines can toil better and with less resistance. These frustrated multitudes have been made acutely aware of their own frustration. The gap of their always partly artificial disadvantage has been greatly diminished because now they all read. Even for incidental employment it has been necessary to teach them that, and the new reading public thus created has evoked a press and literature of excitement and suggestion. The cinema and the radio dazzle them with spectacles of luxury and unrestricted living. They are not the helpless Hodges and factory fodder of a hundred years ago. They are educated up to what must have been the middle- class level in 1889. They are indeed largely a squeezed-out middle class, restless, impatient and as we shall see extremely dangerous. They have assimilated almost all of the lower strata that were formerly illiterate drudges. And this modernised excess population has no longer any social humility. It has no belief in the infallible wisdom of its rulers. It sees them too clearly; it knows about them, their waste, vices and weaknesses, with an even exaggerated vividness. It sees no reason for its exclusion from the good things of life by such people. It has lost enough of its inferiority to realise that most of that inferiority is arbitrary and artificial.

[-] 1 points by iminxtc (11) from San Francisco, CA 12 years ago

The Fed is not even constitutional, actually. The framers envisioned a central fund, owned by the people.

[-] 1 points by Josselyn (2) 12 years ago

Awesome list! I'm back & forth on whether to make it just one demand, and that one thing being this: http://www.getmoneyout.com/ If we got the money out of elections, so many of the things on your list would/could happen, PLUS so many more. They WOULD raise taxes on the richest 1% because they would no longer need their donations to get reelected, for example. PLUS we could then address things not on the list like GMOs & factory farming, because THAT powerful lobby would be cut off. See what I'm saying? Politicians not having to worry about where their massive, massive donations will come from would change everything. They would, finally, only have to worry about pissing off us, their constituents. Oh, and search "bipartisan support money elections" or the like... this is one issue upwards of 70% of all Americans ALL agree on, no matter their political stripe.

[-] 1 points by fraser (35) 12 years ago

Brian (speaker): You're all different! The Crowd (protesters): Yes, we ARE all different!

[-] 1 points by tdsisti (80) from Austin, TX 12 years ago

I don't understand why anyone is expecting a list of "demands," as this demonstration is not holding the U.S. government "hostage." We do not get laws passed by camping out in the street. As a symbolic action, these demonstrations are vital, but not as a tool for passing legislation. Do not let us fall prey to the narrow mindedness of the media. Even if the banks are broken up and people are tried and punished, we would still have a fundamentally corrupted system where conflicts of interest abound. More importantly, we'd still have a government and media that is beholden, don't know why, to the people they are supposed to be regulating. We have the duty to think PAST the obvious, that banks have too much influence on the economy, and toward what a viable economy would look like. The U.S. economy was on the fritz before the Glass-Steagall Act was repealed under President Clinton. The big question is what kind of work NEEDS to be done? I don't want congress to define this, I want activists and environmentalists like Lester Brown and Vandana Shiva and the monumental efforts of the 4-H club who are carrying out their goal of planting a million trees....these are the people who we should be looking for to set an example about domestic and foreign policy (maybe minus the 4-H club in that last part). We have exploited natural and human resources to exhaustion and its time for a fundamental shift, since the banks have HELPED to undermine the validity and efficacy of our allegedly capitalistic economy.

[-] 1 points by beer (1) from New York, NY 12 years ago

We are the nation! We count!

[-] 1 points by patriot4change (818) 12 years ago

Wow. This is starting to look like a "Constitution". I'd put you guys up against the Republican Presidential Nominees debates any day. You should merge this stuff with the original 1776 Constitution and literally come up with a NEW GOVERNMENT. How's that for a 'radical' approach! Hell, we might need it when the D.C. bureaucrats all flee down to Argentina. Ha!

[-] 1 points by patriot4change (818) 12 years ago

Prosecute the offenders. Prosecute the criminals. And demand EVERY dime of BAIL-OUT money issued to the Banks and Corporations back; and redistribute that money back to the tax paying CITIZENS. Demand EVERY dime of BAIL-OUT money issued to the CEO's and Corporate Executives back; and redistribute that money back to the tax paying CITIZENS. Make Obama personally pay back the $500 million he loaned to the now defunct/bankrupt Solyndra Corporation.

[-] 1 points by Scottymac (2) 12 years ago

I've been reading, getting the word out, writing letters, calling, and trying to figure out what I could do to help. I was already organizing in my area, but you guys have definitely cranked things up so I'm following suit. I'm headed to DC from FL. I may have access to a small printing press. What can I do? I found this from NPA (begun through firedoglake and via a bunch of other groups). It's got much in common with what you have, but is pretty comprehensive when you read the whole thing about what's needed to resolve things, though I thought it might need more about consumer/public protection from corporate malpractice (noted below). I've condensed into short list but here's the link to the full document: http://newprogs.org/unified-progressive-platform-ratified. Here's the short version:

  1. Peace First
  2. Full Employment at a Living Wage (includes WPA initiative where private work is temp. lacking, trade policy, offshoring, outsourcing, unions, corporate tax policy, small bus loans)
  3. Saving the Environment (sustainable society, science based policies, true environmental costs, clean infrastructure jobs, energy independence, no nukes, planning no sprawl, public lands)
  4. Real Social Safety Net (Soc. Sec. Medicare/Medicaid, unemployment ins., housing policies/loans, glass-steagall, regulations, retirement)
  5. Medicare for All (H.R.676 - violation of 14th amendment)
  6. Fair Trade (out w current trad pols - WTO, IMF, NAFTA, WM, FTAA which privilege corporations and reform to support local industry/ag, end tax breaks for shipping jobs out, trade imbalance)
  7. Human Rights/Civil Liberties (WE NEED SOME - UN decl, get rid of patriot act, guantanamo bay, etc.)
  8. (perhaps ought to be ranked a little higher?) Election Reform (public financing, get rid electoral college, Citizen's United, back to paper ballots, no corporate personhood - duh)
  9. Corporate Accountability Reform (please) - (break them up, triple bottom line - eco, social, financial, expand anti-trust laws, human rights, I would add need agency to oversee with teeth to ensure public/environmental safety and appropriate corp practices)
  10. Infrastructure Investment/Ownership (also tied with jobs above) - (infrastructure bank, R&D, fix our stuff)
[-] 1 points by RavBunneh (2) from Waipahu, HI 12 years ago

I live in Hawaii and have no money and no transportation or else I'd be there on Wall Street.

[-] 1 points by littleg (452) 12 years ago

If you provide your valuable guidance to some novices here, that would be great support as well.

[-] 1 points by bnca (2) 12 years ago

This is the anger I feel: "We Can't Make It Here Anymore" James McMurtry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbWRfBZY-ng

[-] 1 points by bnca (2) 12 years ago

This is the anger I feel: "We Can't Make It Here Anymore" James McMurtry http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZbWRfBZY-ng

[-] 1 points by sqrltyler (207) 12 years ago

I believe that it's mandatory that we are not associated in ANY way with either party. That would be the downfall of this movement, so we should be very clear that our alliance is only to We The People. Both sides are equally responsible for this mess we are in. The 99% are protesting against the policies of plutocracy. We need to unite as AMERICANS to win our representative government back.

[-] 1 points by lmosca (1) 12 years ago

Wish I could be there. My heart is with you. I participated in many peaceful protests from NYC to Chicago in the 60s, marched as a feminist and with my many gay friends in the 70s. Can't be there, having health issues now (as is my husband, who was found to have a brain tumor earlier this year), as well as trying to make even a break-even living as yet another couple of people laid off a few years too early to retire. You know, the "new entrepreneurs" the banks won't touch with a ten-foot-pole, but the media points to as the proof that we're working our way out of this "recession." so I can't be there.

But PLEASE believe me ... you have renewed my faith in the young and upcoming people of this nation. I stand behind you. You are fighting for us all, if only the millionaire-owned news media would give you coverage.


[-] 1 points by 99Majority (1) from Lake Wales, FL 12 years ago

THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU for standing up for us!! I'm watching and following and have been outraged at the abuse you all have suffered at the hand of dirty NYPD officers. Sign my petition on Change.org to demand justice and spread the word: http://www.change.org/petitions/stop-the-abuse-by-nypd-officers

[-] 1 points by sdkeller72 (26) 12 years ago

I agree, in fact media reform needs to be added to the list of our demands. 95% of all media (TV, satellite, radio, newspapers, ISP's) are owned by less than 6 corporations - that needs to change. We need to make sure everyone realizes these actions are not liberal or conservative, they represent ALL of us excluding the top 1% of the wealthiest in this country. Fox News, MS/NBC, CNN, CBS, ABC are part of the problem and should not be trusted. Until they prove that they can conduct an unbiased interview, I wouldn't speak to any of them.

[-] 1 points by syzygy556 (12) 12 years ago

sounds like talking points from the democratic party..this movement is doomed..

[-] 1 points by woody051979 (1) 12 years ago

You should show this on the main page instead of having it on this page....I only stumbled on it when I clicked on the link about michael moore's interview

[-] 1 points by woodedportal (1) 12 years ago

"When the mob governs, man is ruled by ignorance; when the church governs, he is ruled by superstition; and when the state governs, he is ruled by fear. Before men can live together in harmony and understanding, ignorance must be transmuted into wisdom, superstition into illumined faith, and fear into love... The perfect government of the earth must be patterned eventually after that divine government by which the universe is ordered."

  • Manly P. Hall
[-] 1 points by TheVolunteerWino (112) 12 years ago

Im sorry about the post i created a minute ago, . .but for the life of me, . .I cannot understand why you let someone post not only the officers name who maced those young girls, . .but also various females of his family, . ..this to me is so wrong, . .i know you have mods, . i know they all let this one go, . . to me, . that is a worse action than the one by the officer who pepper sprayed a couple young girls, . .. i suppose i should have asked the mods to rectify this, rather than going off on extreme actions in my post, . . however you did let it go, .. . to me this makes no sense from a people saying they are going to correct the ills of the current establishment, .. you are quickly losing my vote, . . signed 0.000000323 %

[-] 1 points by TheVolunteerWino (112) 12 years ago

and as for the repercussions, . .no I think i was a bit hasty about this site, . as i said, . i should have appealed to the mods here first as they may by some strange reason been unaware of the post, . .all things are possible, . ..but as for the repercussions upon the individual posting, . i hold my ground, . . .please feel free to delete any posts by myself, . and even my membership if you so desire, . thanks for listening, . .TheVolunteerWino

[-] 1 points by 0moom0 (6) 12 years ago

Better way (Ben Harper) _a suggested tune for the movement. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XOZj1Xyx354

[-] 1 points by loneiwig (4) 12 years ago

Sounds like its time to take up arms against the aristocrats who control us, enslave us and only amount to 1% of us, Rage against the machine, take the giant down, death before disgrace, die for something or live for nothing, die for your sin's do it for your children's children take back the stolen wealth take back the power take back your independence take back you FREEDOM! Long live the common man they are few and we are many

[-] 1 points by micahbales (1) from Washington, DC 12 years ago

No violence! This is a non-violent movement.

[-] 1 points by spinucci (6) 12 years ago

The Occupy Wall Street video I produced is live. Sorry about the delay. Please SHARE!!! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9k72eZiDNMQ

[-] 1 points by RichZubaty (37) from Wailuku, HI 12 years ago

Finally Michael is getting into second gear on this. I knew he would love it. All he had to do was get there: feel it, hear it, see it. Next he needs to get his OWN cameras rolling.

[-] 1 points by DianaLee (55) from Salt Lake City, UT 12 years ago

I've sent this info out to my List and already have positive response! D. in Utah

[-] 1 points by Zack (8) 12 years ago

For all those who want to support this cause by sending food and non perishable supplies to OccupyWallStreet, I would like to share a channel used by many to send their donations. Use: Delivery.com and under the grocery tab look for Village Farm and Grocery. Buy the merchandize and use the delivery address as: OccupyWallStreet 1 Liberty Plaza Ground New York, Ny 10006 Tiffany Place 212-475-7521 Food and essential are delivered by the Deli without any delivery fee and it has a massive list of options. Just shared my 2 cents.

[-] 1 points by SwissMiss (2435) from Ann Arbor Charter Township, MI 12 years ago

Great idea.

[-] 0 points by dabocx (24) from McAllen, TX 12 years ago

While its great that hes bringing alot of attention to the movement hes going to bring alot of negative. Alot of people dont like Michael.

[-] 1 points by Jonnyhavoc (3) from Lewisham, England 12 years ago

Hell yeah American been a long time coming. Fight with everything you got.. We will have soon do the same here in the UK. Its time to end it all. it has to change for us to carry on. I don't see how if we all know whats going to happen they can't and if they already know (which they do) then they should stand trail or the firing squad. Hey when everyone is straving what wealth is there going to be left to grab.

we'll try to do our part, http://www.reverbnation.com/builtuponthegraves JH

[-] 1 points by npowell85 (249) from Montana City, Mt 12 years ago

occupy London!!! get it going man, only you can make the change happen

[-] 1 points by Jonnyhavoc (3) from Lewisham, England 12 years ago

lets get this gig sorted and go from there. I got the bands just need the place to say ok and we'll spread the word.

[-] 1 points by npowell85 (249) from Montana City, Mt 12 years ago

the guys in NY didn't ask for permission or get any permits... just go camp out in front of the largest contributor to the income disparity in London. Wether it is a government building or a private company, there must be public grounds near by. But keep it peaceful, we've seen how you brits can get carried away... :)

[-] 1 points by Jonnyhavoc (3) from Lewisham, England 12 years ago

sorry didn't post the gig stuff on here yet. i',m gonna to be doing a gig for raising money for donations to the people. ~It will be in New Cross Gate, London - locals bands and hardcore metal music.