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Forum Post: 99%er's Help Take back our Power. Make Congress Act

Posted 8 years ago on March 8, 2012, 12:46 a.m. EST by cmhester (0) from Pittsburgh, PA
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I am so frustrated that our elected officials do not listen to us. They listen to the big money, the 1%ers.

The most pressing issue facing this country is the economy and jobs. Our elected officials say this all the time. Rhetoric isn't enough. We want action. We have to insist our representatives do the job we hired them to do.

Consider an employer assigning 12 people to pick a color and paint a house. Six people want it blue and six people want it green. The people are paid for two months worth of work, including full benefits and retirement packages. Two months later the employer comes back and the house is not painted. What should the employer do? In the case of the supercommittee we are the employer and our congressional representatives are the employees. They worked for months and never got past the color selection. The big money, Grover Norquist and "the pledge" threatened them with smear campaigns and loss of funding. We deserve better. What should we do?

We need to pressure our representatives into working in 2012. And, if they don't we need to fire them in November.

Right now the global economy is weakening. We can either do nothing and let it drag us down with it. Or, we can demand Congress take action to put us on a fiscally sound path. Businesses have huge piles of cash. Having a fiscally sound USA would give businesses the confidence and sense of urgency to expand and create jobs. The USA can be a great place to invest.

Let's take back our power from the big money. If we can get enough signatures, they will act. Because, if they don't, the 99% will vote them out in November. All the money and ads from the 1% can't steal our votes.




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