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Forum Post: 7 ways Bernie Sanders could transform America

Posted 4 years ago on May 24, 2015, 9:41 a.m. EST by factsrfun (8231) from Phoenix, AZ
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"Say what you will about the presidential candidacy of Sen. Bernie Sanders (D-Vt.), but if nothing else, it has certainly introduced some interesting ideas into America’s political debate. Considering that the most recent polls show Hillary Clinton with a nearly five-to-one lead over her nearest rival, this can only be viewed as a positive thing.

As Reddit‘s favorite politician, Bernie Sanders has enormous influence on our political discourse, and his recent policies have been making huge headlines on the Internet. Here are seven ways in which our national discussion on a wide range of issues could be transformed by the Sanders campaign."

So Bernie is number one on Reddit?




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[-] 0 points by turbocharger (1756) 4 years ago

If those polls were real they would show Bernie at a 5-1 lead over The Hag.

But alas they are not, and perception is reality. Bernie better come up with a plan on how to fight the bias of the polling numbers that are broadcast nationally, or he is toast.

[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8231) from Phoenix, AZ 4 years ago

I forget you're not just a con you are also all knowing.

[-] 0 points by turbocharger (1756) 4 years ago

You'd have to be a total moron not to be able to see this.

[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8231) from Phoenix, AZ 4 years ago

at least we agree on one thing not only can Bernie win this, he most likely WILL...

[-] 0 points by turbocharger (1756) 4 years ago

Well, my prediction is the DNC machine will do what it always does, which is fill the top spots with total losers who are willing to go along with the flow for the perks they get.

Maybe I'll be wrong. Maybe the last 100 years will totally reverse course.

If I'm not - keep in mind, I'm stating for the record that not only SHOULD Bernie be the Dems nominee, but that also he is HEAD AND SHOULDERS the favorite among Dem voters- ...

If I'm not, I'll be expecting some kind of a "Fuck, you were right, I guess the DNC could care less" statement.

I hope I am wrong, but there's 100 years of hard proof to suggest otherwise.

Good luck, and let us know how its looking at the Dem headquarters in Phoenix for us.

[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8231) from Phoenix, AZ 4 years ago

Well my prediction is that you will not post a damn thing in support of Bernie.

One might think you were a part of the DNC machine.

[-] 0 points by turbocharger (1756) 4 years ago

Bernie is running as a Dem, instead of trying to create an insurgency from outside the situation.

If Barrack- along with the small horde of lifetime Senators and Representatives that you all love so much- hasn't shown you that its impossible to change the DNC from within (for a variety of many, many reasons) then most likely nothing will.

See how easy it is to control the people and keep them in the same paradigm?

“The smart way to keep people passive and obedient is to strictly limit the spectrum of acceptable opinion, but allow very lively debate within that spectrum....” -NC

[-] 0 points by factsrfun (8231) from Phoenix, AZ 4 years ago

Maybe Bernie isn't stupid as shit and he saw how W Bush was elected, of course you would love to see another Bush in the WH, you figure that's your best shot at cutting government spending, that's your chief policy concern isn't it? I realize it takes a back seat to electing Republicans with you.