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Forum Post: 537

Posted 7 years ago on Oct. 25, 2012, 8:32 a.m. EST by ericweiss (575)
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537 people in florida who could have voted for Gore, wish they had
I wonder if they imagine a world without shrub & 911 & the Iraq War On November 7, will you imagine a world without a womans' rights to choose? social security? Obamacare, Medicare, ayn rand?


Time: 49O 44R Quin 50O 45R Early voted 60O 30D


RCP SENATE race poll averages
Wednesday, October 24
Massachusetts Senate - Brown vs. Warren WBUR/MassINC Warren 50, Brown 44 Warren +6
Ohio Senate - Mandel vs. Brown Rasmussen Reports Brown 48, Mandel 44 Brown +4
Ohio Senate - Mandel vs. Brown SurveyUSA Brown 43, Mandel 42 Brown +1
Connecticut Senate - McMahon vs. Murphy Quinnipiac Murphy 49, McMahon 43 Murphy +6
Nevada Senate - Heller vs. Berkley PPP (D)* Heller 44, Berkley 44 Tie

Tuesday, October 23
Connecticut Senate - McMahon vs. Murphy Rasmussen Reports Murphy 48, McMahon 47 Murphy +1
Connecticut Senate - McMahon vs. Murphy SurveyUSA Murphy 47, McMahon 43 Murphy +4
North Dakota Senate - Berg vs. Heitkamp Rasmussen Reports Berg 50, Heitkamp 45 Berg +5
Florida Senate - Mack vs. Nelson PPP (D) Nelson 45, Mack 41 Nelson +4
Minnesota Senate - Bills vs. Klobuchar Rasmussen Reports Klobuchar 56, Bills 33 Klobuchar +23
Monday, October 22
Wisconsin Senate - Thompson vs. Baldwin Rasmussen Reports Baldwin 46, Thompson 48 Thompson +2

almost all close senate races (except WI ND) tilt D



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[-] -1 points by hchc (3297) from Tampa, FL 7 years ago

Well seems how Clinton bombed Saddam on three seperate occasions, and the World Trade Center was bombed with previous knowledge as well, anyone with at least a shred of intelligence would assume things would proceed as usual.

Besides, Clinton admin was the one that singed Glass STeagall and handed our housing to the banks as a slot machine. Oh ya, and he signed GATT and NAFTA and paved the road for shipping all our good factory and union jobs overseas.

Im not sure why you look at the Gore and Clinton admin as so glorious. They set us up for job shipping, and signed the vital piece of legislation for the housing collapse. But I guess they drained the social services enough to balance the budget, so that makes everything else irrelevant, which is funny because its always Cons that clamor about budgets.

Like Obama bombing 6 nations in 3 years. Its ok, because its a Dem, right? Bombing a nation 3 times under Clinton, war was coming regardless of who got in. Just like now with Iran, its all repeating, and it doesnt matter who gets in, its coming.

But you are undignified follower of the Dem party, so its all good.

So how is it you can use three handles day after day and get away with it? And posting nothing but pro establishment nonsense too?