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Forum Post: 2nd amendment an anachronism? NRA vs. Citizens United

Posted 5 years ago on Jan. 20, 2013, 1:33 p.m. EST by sluggolalane (-1) from New York, NY
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2nd amendment an anachronism? One common theory on the 2ndamendment is the “founding Fathers” felt a standing professional army would pose a threat to the new republic. A militia composed of regular citizens could come to the rescue if their government got taken over by some military junta ( read Alexander Hamilton's “the federalist papers”) Unfortunately citizens militias were no match for real armies, like the British. Militia just did not work out in the Revolutionary & Civil war. Another theory on the 2nd amendment is the “English civil law' theory. “freemen /citizens “ had guns for hunting & protection, Peasants/serfs/subjects did not. Recently Danny Glover claimed that the 2nd amendment purpose was to preserve slavery, one theory proposed by gun right groups is that the first gun laws in US were designed to prevent recently freed black people from obtaining guns.

NRA vs. CITIZENS UNITED? One thing the anti-gun groups going for them is the demographics are against gun ownership in general. As the population shifts from rural to urban the hunting/fishing/sportsmen type ethic is dying out. Most of the population will be in urban “Guns=crime” zones. The problem with most of the anti gun groups is that they usually are just DNC lobbyists, Like Al Gores' ridiculous “million mom” group. Citizens United makes these groups obsolete, the DNC can just make up some super-PAC group to funnel in bribes from corporations (AKA campaign donations). The Bill of Rights purpose was to protect citizens and states rights when the current government of the US was developed. The first US government, a loose confederation of states, was a total disaster, It was too weak to deal with European powers. (those Dam British again!) The 1776 version of the US government was set up with strong central government, The Bill of Rights was written to help offset the tendency for strong governments to trample on individual rights. The current National Guard did not exist when the constitution was written, although how the founders concept of a militia, the 2nd amendment, and how it applies to the US in the 21 century can be endlessly debated. I am sure Ben Franklin or Thomas Jefferson would not have approved if the East India Company( an 18'th century version of a multi-national corp) showed up and claimed to have all the “natural rights” of human beings.

Conspiracy Theories ahead! 1) although the press likes to rant about conspiracy theory loonies, it is clear the press is not exactly blameless. Some investigations into the columbine massacre found the press may have fabricated the whole “trench coat mafia” narrative. The reporting of the Sandy hook massacre was a mess, with conflicting reports on everything from the ID of the Shooter(s), to the guns used. The NY Post did not help, they just made things up to print good stories. 2) DRUGS! The latest group of these shooting gives me the impression that drugs to treat mental illness may may things worse. In the good old days people would usually just kill their families and then barricade themselves in their houses, they would them kill themselves or the police would do it for them. I find it disturbing that a large amount of advertising is going on pushing anti-depressant drugs, If one of the side effects of these drugs is suicide, or going on homicidal rampages, they are obviously not working. We should consider a ban all drug advertising like the UK & Australia.

Ok you conspiracy theory fans! The main gun mfg trade group/lobby is called NSSF , guess where their headquarters is located! (disclaimer: Most of the US gun makers are located in NY,MA,CT due to the industrial revolution , not a conspiracy, just history)

US=Japan=China. US is not UK & Australia. One theory is these events are due to economic disruptions. Japan & the US both have had their once great economies collapse. China is going through huge economic & social problems due to their new economy. The attacks in Asia usually involve knives, improvised explosives, or nerve gas. The US press usually ignores these cause they are not “local news” & they can't blame the NRA. many people claim that Australia's gun ban has stopped any mass shootings. Australia is one of the few countries that did not get their economy killed by bankers. The UK political & social situation is quite different than the US so comparisons are probably useless If you ever read the web site “Slash. Dot” a lot of the articles are about what seems like the governments of the UK & Australia seemly endless schemes to take away people rights and find new ways to spy on people. I am worried that once the US government gets all the guns the politicians will spend their time finding new ways to spy on people and take away what rights they still have left. Although the US government does spy on people and abuse people rights' they don't seem to be as gleeful & blatant about is as the UK & Australia. PS: I don't hate the UK or Australia, lousy governments can make great countries miserable places to live (NY , MA & CA being classic US examples)



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