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Forum Post: 1971 May DAY Protest - Washington DC

Posted 10 years ago on May 19, 2013, 3 p.m. EST by ComeTogetherNOW (650)
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A total of 12,614 people were arrested, making this the largest mass arrest in U.S. history.


"The ACLU pursued a class action suit brought by thousands of detained protesters and ultimately the US Congress, recognizing the illegal nature of the arrests, agreed to pay a settlement to those arrested, making them some of the only citizens in US history to receive financial compensation for violation of the constitutional right of free assembly."

This story is very enlightening and, for those not yet familiar, you should read it. .................... It has many undeniable parallels to the OWS movement which has the power to move to action that would make this 1971 protest look like a "Garden Party".

I have mental image of one day seeing Washington DC clogged with SO MANY protesting people, on the order of millions, that it will cease to function and WE THE PEOPLE will have the hearts, minds, dreams, inspirations of every living human being on this Planet. It becomes a WORLD STAGE.

Then the time will be, for the first time, a new emergence of truly enlightened Planet, we will act in the spirit of our true humanity, and do what will fulfill most of our dreams:


We DO THIS by realizing the Evident Truth through the Scientific Method. And, anchoring the method to the Golden Rule. Jefferson said, "we have inalienable rights" and those make the foundation from which we build everything else. The never changing principles are derived from REASON.

The old ways, with all the supernatural beliefs, myth-making, are clearly out of step with the world we actually find ourselves today. That was a time for INFANT WORLD. Each of us has a personal responsibility to try to understand. Move Ahead. Lean Forward. Not cop out.

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