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Forum Post: 12/17/2011

Posted 12 years ago on Dec. 14, 2011, 12:40 p.m. EST by thefutureisnow (223) from Newark, NJ
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Request for solidarity of Occupations around the globe on Dec, 17/ 2011 , Any city any site anywhere , Nationwide and International ,



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[-] 2 points by AFarewellToKings (1486) 12 years ago

Public endorsement of the 99% Declaration by every GA, starting with NYC on December 17th.


[-] 1 points by thefutureisnow (223) from Newark, NJ 12 years ago

That,s awesome i am in for sure not sure which city but i will be some where out there thanks , the 99% is becoming a majority rule maybe in 2012 we can turn it into a majority vote,

[-] 2 points by AFarewellToKings (1486) 12 years ago

You should read the Declaration as if your life depended on it. Talk about it with your friends. Your generation has its whole life ahead of it so put down the i-pods and x-box and realize that your future may be held within this document like the Declaration Of Independence was held in the Suffolk Resolves in 1774.

V. BE IT FURTHER RESOLVED that IF the PETITION FOR A REDRESS OF GRIEVANCES approved by the 876 Delegates of the NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY in consultation with the NINETY-NINE PERCENT OF THE PEOPLE, is not acted upon within a reasonable time and to the satisfaction of the Delegates of the NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY, said Delegates shall reconvene to utilize the grassroots network established in the election of the NATIONAL GENERAL ASSEMBLY to organize a new INDEPENDENT POLITICAL PARTY to run candidates for every available Congressional seat in the mid-term election of 2014 and again in 2016 until all vestiges of the existing corrupt corporatocracy have been eradicated through the power of the ballot box.

[-] 0 points by thefutureisnow (223) from Newark, NJ 12 years ago

Wow you are so in tune with future its uncanny that you have mentioned this in such a clarifying perspective , if you are not already within the NGA , for OWS i would most certainly vote for you to be in because the bottom line is that if we had more individuals like you who have such a elegant approach to such a idiotic an corrupt political organizations like the ones we will be up and against , can you clone your self like 400 times , haha just trying to take the serious edge off , in any case i may be signing off this site i have had a few issues and would like to investigate other networks , i will be in NYCGA on the 17th of Dec, though i will probably be on this site for a few more days i am not sure yet i also think that a few spies have contacted me on this site which makes it not so free , because really the spies are in violation of the civil provocation law , i think i am not sure but its quite possible ,

[-] 1 points by AFarewellToKings (1486) 12 years ago

Take printed copies of the Declaration on December 17th, and thx for the kind words : ) good luck!

[-] 0 points by thefutureisnow (223) from Newark, NJ 12 years ago

Yes to you as well please visit my group if you like anytime , Occupy everywhere 2012 , i am going to copy right this title and some day soon after some more really epic events happen i am going to submit the beginning screen play to friends of mine in Soho NYC , they are in the independent film industry and have many connections , but in any case it will be for a movie entitled THE MOVEMENT , you know plain and simple so people can relate or identify right away , its not for money or fame but if it happens it will create many jobs and create somewhat of a economical stimulus , in what ever city the film or movie is made in its just a dream right now , but i do have the names up for copyright , also i am not a screenplay writer per say i have become somewhat of a hobby journalist who need to insert a micro chip with the stylus journal into my head , hahaha, but seriously check out the name occupy everywhere 2012 , take it easy and good in your ventures,

[-] 0 points by REALamerican (241) 12 years ago

your vote has nothing to do with which president gets elected -_-

[-] 0 points by thefutureisnow (223) from Newark, NJ 12 years ago

Which kind of president are you talking about , i have not voted since Kerry Edwards and will probably never vote again i will only network and disseminate info for who ever it is i am backing , because contrary to popular opinion its takes more than one voice to create not just a Democracy but any political party, but on the other hand if the party is already established just one person can network the hell out of it , and get the general message out to millions or even billions of people ,

[-] 1 points by Calvand (1) from Madrid, Comunidad de Madrid 12 years ago

Wish you all the success, and support from 15M Movement in Madrid, Spain. Lets hope the authorities let you rally, and that you get a lot of Mass Media coverage! My message for your meeting is: Key European crisis figures Mario Draghi (European central Bank), Lucas Papademos (Greece’s assigned Prime Minister) and Mario Monti (Italy’s assigned Prime Minister) all have backgrounds with Goldman Sachs. EU politicians are selling out Europe!

[-] 1 points by stuartchase (861) 12 years ago

The Revolution has a new theme song!



The Revolution starts here!

[-] 0 points by thefutureisnow (223) from Newark, NJ 12 years ago

Nice if we can get some more innovative music out there i think it would be great ,