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1-in-3 Bank Tellers Need Public Assistance

Posted 4 years ago on Feb. 17, 2014, 3:11 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt (1) from Plainfield, NJ

As if Citigroup has not not had more than its slice of the economy already, one in three bank tellers in the United States need public assistance of some kind. If you are in New York City tomorrow, Tuesday, February 18th, join the Committee for Better Banks at 10:30 am at Citigroup Headquarters, 388 Greenwich, Manhattan.

The community demands the same type of benefits held by finance workers across the globe – including those at U.S. owned banks:

  • In Brazil, where bank employees receive 180 days paid maternity leave.
  • In Germany, where bank employees over 50 are protected against dismissal.
  • In the Philippines, where finance workers receive a quarterly bonus equal to one month’s pay.
  • In Argentina, where finance workers receive guaranteed access to a pension plan.

It is time to say NO to more welfare to Wall Street.