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Forum Post: -Debt Ceiling 101- Rick Santelli Sounds Off on CNBC /// $52,409 per US person /// or $2,346 Each for the World's Entire Population

Posted 6 years ago on Jan. 29, 2012, 6:26 p.m. EST by MonetizingDiscontent (1257)
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Debt Ceiling 101, Rick Santelli Sounds Off

(((CNBC News Video))) http://www.zerohedge.com/news/debt-ceiling-101-santelli-sounds


In an effort to reach the angry mob, CNBC's Rick Santelli goes all Sesame Street on the numbers behind the US Debt Ceiling Rise. Focusing for two minutes on what this practically means for every man, woman, child, and politician, the shouting Chicagoan points out that when the US breaches this new limit then the world's entire population will be on the hook for $2,346 each.

(and $52,409 per US person).



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[-] 1 points by Middleaged (5140) 6 years ago

Dumbfounded by the cognitive error of our government and it's politicians.

How can any poltician state they are conservative when:

1) They allow the US Total Debt to Rise over $15 Trillion

2) The condon and cover-up the absonding of $billions from businesses and citizens in the Financial Scandal. It was $14 Trillion for US Households. And globally $34.4 Trillion for corporate share value. http://www.atimes.com/atimes/Global_Economy/LD13Dj05.html

3) And now not a word from conservatives regarding the US Trade Deficit. Most of the numbers are cooked anyway. Small businesses are the strength of the USA, so we would only really look at their GDP Dollars and compare it to the current US Trade Deficit $500 billion Dollars. (government share of GDP is phony)

4) If the policy is not to pay back the US Debt (or the domestic portion of it which would be feisable), then that policy must be stated publically. Otherwise the US Government and US People look stupid, weak, "Risky for Investments", vulnerable to financial attack, vulnerable to political attack, etc.

[-] 1 points by MonetizingDiscontent (1257) 6 years ago

well said, agreed on all counts

[-] 1 points by shoozTroll (17632) 6 years ago

Sounds like we all need a raise.

Of course this should be added too, then add a bit of catch-up for all the years it's been going on, and you will have to adjust your clock.


We should add in a bit of interest as well, it's the American way.