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Show Your Solidarity on #BlackFriday While Supporting the #WalmartStrikers

Posted 5 years ago on Nov. 13, 2013, 12:14 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: direct action, labor, WalmartStrikers, Black Friday

If you want to participate in the Black Friday actions to protest working conditions at WalMart go to: http://blackfridayprotest.org

If you are a Walmart worker involved in organizing and you need financial assistance, please contact us.

If you want to support the workers by paying for essential living expenses, please consider buying the snazzy "Team #WalmartWorkers" tshirt, printed and fulfilled by the OWS Screenprinters.

Support a Striker


Read the Trans-Pacific Draft Trade Agreement Here

Posted 5 years ago on Nov. 13, 2013, 11:02 a.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: TPP, Wikileaks, copyright

Here's the document that's going to break the internet and destroy your career: http://wikileaks.org/tpp/

For those of you who don't know the #TPP is an international trade agreement that is being written for Disney so Mickey Mouse doesn't go into the public domain. Mickey Mouse is still worth billions and Disney is fighting tooth and nail to keep copyright restricted so it protects only the rich and powerful.

Public domain is the status of most media made more than 70+ years ago. It's why we can put an Albrecht Dürer print on a magazine cover or play Beethoven in any media without having to pay anyone.

The whole point of copyright is to protect innovation. If you spend 10 years developing something, like a cartoon mouse for instance, you should have the sole right to sell that mouse until you recoup the development cost. This prevents a competitor from making a copy of your work and selling it for less (because they have no R&D budget to make up).

What is happening now is that rich and powerful organizations are extending copyright well past any reasonable time line.

Disney is destroying the very thing that allowed them to thrive. Nearly all of their early works are taken from past works that were in the public domain (Snow White, etc.)

Think about it, Star Wars will probably NEVER be in the public domain. If you want to make a fan fiction, sell prints of a sick ass tie fighter print, or use any of the names or events in the movie for anything you have to pay Disney. If they don't like what you're doing, they can take it down.

Further more, let's say you post a video of a cop beating the shit out of a protester while people sing the imperial march song in the background. Well that's copyright material now, so Disney can pull that video off line.

The rich are, once again, fucking you and you're just going to let it happen?


Give Directly to #TyphoonHaiyan Victims (not the @RedCross)

Posted 5 years ago on Nov. 12, 2013, 9:13 p.m. EST by OccupyWallSt
Tags: mutual aid, Philippines, Typhoon Haiyan, Occupy Philippines

Please take a moment to donate directly to on-the-ground organizations.

It's been nearly a week since Typhoon Haiyan, the strongest hurricane in a generation, battered the Philippines, leaving unimaginable devastation in its wake. According to initial estimates, over 10,000 people dead, millions more shelterless and struggling to survive, as other storms threaten to wreck havoc on the archipelago.

The hurricane comes just three weeks after a 7.2 earthquake brought down buildings and infrastructure in central Philippines. As the international aid industrial complex sluggishly awakens from its slumber, hundreds of on-the-ground grassroots organizations are doing much of the heavy lifting, providing aid to hardest hit areas, places in which the government and international relief organizations are visibly absent.

These organizations need support, not only because the storm has drastically strained their resources, but more importantly, because we recognize that for a relief effort to be effective it has to be led by the impacted communities. Help power the people lead recovery efforts currently happening on the ground by donating to National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON). Besides doing valuable work to advance immigration reform in the United States and environmental justice, they work with a network of grassroots Philippine partners, to ensure that donations go directly to those most in need of help, information, and basic necessities. For years, NAFCON has carried out its overseas relief and rehabilitation efforts with partner organizations who maintain a proven track record of serving Filipinos communities with integrity and trust.

For more information check out Occupy Philippines: