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We are the 99 percent


A, proud to be born in the USA, 65 years old, Greek American. My Daddy, emigrated to this great country in 1928, served in WWII in Italy and the Pacific. I served during the Vietnam era 1964-67.
I saw the "kids" protesting the war in 1967, and initially thiought they were wrong. But, Oh my God, they were so right, after 50,000 dead and hundredsof thousands wounded.
There were OUR politicians, following the dictates of the "Industrial Military Complex", who doled out the money to them,

I admire your protest, but in order to have any political clout, in my opinion, we need to STOP the MONEY in political campaigns! Don't you think it is obscene that each candidate for President, must raise $1,000,000,000?
That billions are raised by our 535 Representatives and 100 Senators?
Where does this money come from? Concerned individuals contributing $20- $50 or $100?

By building a grass roots organization and pushing our supporters to elect OUR candidates for the US Senate and House of Representatives. We can control our destiny and the destiny of the USA, by electing only 10 Senators and 30 Represetatives to the "SAVE AMERICA PARTY" (just a suggestion) With these unbreakable politicians, who can not be controlled by Obama, Pelosi, Reid, Boehner, Ryan, McConnell, or their ilk! They can make the others do what we want, just like the Tea Party.

All the billions of dollars flowing, from Wall Street, the Too Bigs, Millionairs, Billionairs, Big Corporations, without any limit or reporting requirements, to OUR Politicians of both parties, simply to Control and Own Them!

Many "experts" will tell you it can not be done! We should say it can be done and WE WILL DO IT!

Only then will the politicians truly WORK FOR US!

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