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We are the 99 percent


I live in southern California, and I might be crazy enough to cause a different type of stir. I may have to put things in the terms that my counterparts understand (they are ironically termed "political realists" when they should just be called "paranoid"...unless I justify their fear...self-fulfilling prophesies anyone?). Therefore I must insist I'm not a member of the Occupy Wall St. movement, something I see as, in its best form, non-violent (as I only hope to remain...not people, crazy, I would only be violent toward their stuff if they insist it is more important than the fellow Americans they purport to love...burn somebody’s 3rd "home" down and suddenly contractors and several construction workers are hired to demo and rebuild). Anyway, I hope I don’t ultimately feel compelled to do anything nearly that crazy, but since I think this way at all I am not part of your Occupying crowd. However, I share some ultimate goals with you, so I am here as an observer and critic only.

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