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We are the 99 percent


Keep the movement going while demanding legislators willing to represent the people rather than the corporations who purchased them.
Demand strict, enforced, regulations on the financial world and corporate America so we can go back to the USA rather than the CSA(corporate states of America).
I believe in the people, and the power of the vote. Right now it is "one dollar equals one vote", with the supreme court backing that statement. I would hope we can return to one human being equals one vote.
Kick the money out of DC, so corporations can no longer purchase on the open market the legislators that were "hired" to represent us the people of the United States.
Replace the current designation of CSA(corporate states of America) with the original title, USA.
Fix the infrastructure of our country, ie: schools, bridges, roads, ports etc. so we can continue to compete with the rest of the world. By the way, other countries are flying ahead of us in that quest.

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