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We are the 99 percent


Legally end and replace the Kleptocratic Republic of/by/for the well connected wealthy elites NOW. Both Representative Govt and Puppet-Master bribing Capitalist are the combination forming this unfair "Kleptocratic Republic".

The citizens of USA have earned the rights to True direct Democracy that exist in no other country because of dark age mentality of "He or She that has the Gold rules". It's time for the civilized world to move past this, the time has come for people to have equality in their own hands of rule and control.If the citizens of USA want respect and a world leadership role NOW is the time too prove the people can rule with direct Democracy.

True direct Democracy for USA would give the citizens legal national ownership plus direct rule & control over money.business & govt. Our levels of govt should be merited employees that are productive and effective plus well managed fire at will such as business operates a company.

The biggest priority and goals are Social and Economic Justice currently being denied by this Republic of Thieves. They all must be outlawed from operating or existing! We the people must have shared ownership of our nations profits, plus citizenship shared rule & control under Democracy to deliver the most too the many.

Thank all of you wonderful people who have finally said ENOUGH we aren't going to be enslave by the FEW anymore. Let's take legal control over money,business and government for ourselves and generations to come.

1. Legally replace Republic with True Democracy. We will hire honest employee's to serve the public.Outlaw Representative Govt from existing.Electronic daily issue voting will be made available with existing C-span network modification customized for the citizen Democracy.

2.We shut-down all existing financial institutions and Wall street except the original U.S Treasury who will be replacing all banks for direct public use.

3. If the people under direct Democracy choose to keep any form of corporations or partake in globalization then we share the profits or losses no exclusive stock holders or exchanges.

4.We will find out who in the Business community and levels of Govt that have burdened the national debt levels to near 15 trillions dollars hold them responsible and accountable plus declare our citizens NOT liable to this sham by any means.

5. We will provide several generational Americans with a Basic Income Guarantee without means test who are Homeless,Unemployed,inadaquate disability income and other economically disadvantaged legetimate citizens. Able persons may be required to work/serve the public. This will not be available to immigrants as we should be seeking a stop on all immigration into the USA right now "we have too many people not enough opportunity currently,and we must get our own country inorder". Sorry the Capitalist encouraged immigration for cheap labor for the most part over the past 4 decades

6. Editable for more information, The highest priority to each Individual and their familes is Financial Security. Making this strong will make USA strong once again, we must NOT lose sight of proper priorities.

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