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We are the 99 percent


I am a social capitalist. I believe a new form of socialism must be enacted in the united states to protect the welfare of all citizens. Nationalized healthcare, elimination of insurance carriers entirely, price capping medical supplies and services. Certain food production, other markets, and industries including a single national banking system must be implemented. While at the same time encouraging free speech, removal of fear encompassing trash from our legal system including useless offender registries to instill fear in our society. A revamp of the legal, banking, and health systems must be a priority.

I also believe this movement is severely lacking in direction, leadership, and purpose. Its not enough to complain and camp out in a park. You must have clear objectives. Malcom x and martin luther both had different views on how to get things done, but they at least wanted the same things and as leaders galvanized the public to effect change. Ghandi did this as well.

Find your demands and leaders quickly or no matter how many people you have.... you WILL FAIL. If you can do that I am willing to die for the revolution. Period. I hate the way this country is, and how bastardized and polluted our constitution and bill of rights has become.

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