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We are the 99 percent


-End the electoral college and defer to a true popular vote.

-Ban lobbyists from representing private, for-profit interests from influencing any actions of the federal government

-any corporation with any profitable presence in the US must pay a tax determined by the profit margin and total value of ALL assets affiliated with the corporation.

-no longer allow corporations the right of personhood in any US court of law.

-All individuals that have broken the law or profited from a crime (no matter the scale) be held personally accountable, regardless of the entity they are affiliated with, in any appropriate court of law in the US.

-make all private dealings of the federal reserve public and accountable to the American people.

-all federal funds allotted to private entities and the exact use of those funds must be made public and easily accessible by both the federal government as well as the funding recipients.

-Strictly enforce corporate tax laws and make the closure of all tax loopholes and the protection from new forms of tax evasion a top priority in government.

-Limit the amount of time candidates have to campaign (1 or 2 month campaign season at most).

-Cap campaign donations at $1000.00 per individual person, no other legal entity such as corporations or unions will be allowed to make political donations of any sort.

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