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We are the 99 percent


I am a 61 year old commercial fisherman from Maine. As child of the 60's, I vividly remember the Viet Nam protests, thanks to the massive coverage the mainstream media provided.

Young men, including myself, were faced with the prospect of being forcibly thrown into a 'police action' thru the draft. The enemy was clear, the threat was real, and the resistance was massive.

The draft as we then knew it was replaced by economic maneuvering that gives young people very few options for a career other than the military.

Several of my friends returned from Southeast Asia via 'Horizontal Airlines', and as the bugles spat taps, bitter tears washed away childhood as surely as LSD washed away my fealty to any entity other than humanity.

I remember a massive protest in D.C. where caring persons suspended the comfort zone of an ordinary life to resist the same 1% who wanted the Michelin Rubber Plantations like todays' 1% lust after Middle East oil. During the largest of these protests, over 40,000 people occupied one bridge over the Potomac, paralyzing the capital while hundreds of thousands occupied Washington. This is what ended that insanity...

The closing chapters of my life shall be written large in the knowledge that the humanity for whom I have cared so deeply throughout my tenure on earth are not all steeped in evil...love can and often does transcend gluttinous materialism...

I shall not occupy any space other than God's Will. I will not react to the 1% out fear or bitterness...I will not occupy hatred. I shall pray for those who prey.

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