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We are the 99 percent


Software Engineering student, Kansas, raised in about the middlest class family imaginable, atomic, my faith is in humanity, the judgement of any persons life should not be left to another, only you can decide if you've made the world a better place as you leave it. fiscally and legally conservative, socially I believe that as long as what a person does or doesn't do doesn't infringe on another is outside of any government's jurisdiction. I will answer any question with what I feel is appropriate, and I refuse to respond to baseless accusations or juvenile name-calling. If you disagree with me I implore you to change my mind, give premises and formed deductions to convince me, let a debate be a debate, not a series of attacks and counterattacks. I enjoy being wrong far more than I could ever enjoy ignorance. I fully support dissent, and encourage ideas that are different than the opinion of the majority and myself. By the same admission, There are times when action must be taken to ensure the preservation of freedoms of the people. I am a shameless capitalist, I believe that a free market will function flawlessly with no outside interference, that being said, a centrally controlled economy should also work flawlessly and i believe it would, provided the controls respond to the needs of the people, and not themselves. The reason I prefer capitalism is that I feel people have a natural desire for an existence of better quality than their current one, compelling them to rise upwards in whatever socio-economic hierarchy you impose, making capitalism an efficient choice as it will not require people to fundamentally change. i will admit to several flaws upfront, the most notable of which is attention deficit disorder, which I manage by creating enough external inputs to force my mind to separate information streams by order of threat and pay attention to the things that my conscience mind has specifically believed to be so. As an addendum to that I tend to ramble a bit, just a bit though. My other serious flaw, and this one is the more major of the two and i have no desire to alter it or reign it in, I am terribly intolerant of people who refuse to alter their beliefs and convictions based on new information, and people who refuse to question the information they receive. I did very poorly in primary and secondary schools, I went to a catholic school until I was removed for refusing to complete hour long assignments based on information I had already demonstrated a firm knowledge of previously. I attended a suburban high school, i spent the entire second semester of sophomore year expelled for bringing a homemade firework to give to a friend. I graduated on time regardless, and went off to college, i have spent the last 4 out of five years out of school working to pay for school off and on.

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