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We are the 99 percent


i'm a 22 year old university student. i attempted to go to school out of state after getting accepted into a great program but was not awarded any scholarships (despite hard work) or enough financial aid to attend. even after attending a state school the amount i owe in student loans is overwhelming. i dreamed of becoming a professor in my field, there are few opportunities to attend graduate school and fewer chances that if i were to be accepted somewhere that I could afford it and then find a job. i am also horrified that in spite of having been broadly interested in sustainable agriculture for these last couple of years i was in no way aware of the the extent to which they control the politics in Washington, the judgment of the courts, and the foods that are available to the public to buy and eat (never mind the potential environmental and human health problems that could result from unleashing modified genes into the environment). i feel duped, disenfranchised, powerless.

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