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We are the 99 percent


I am proud of all of you and it makes me very upset. This protest is good for all! We need to care about each other. Help one another in any way we can. Its very sad the the rich look down on those who lost everything for what ever reason. Its wrong that people who pay tons of money to get an education cannot get a job. Its horrific that greed and selfishness lets a person die who could be well again like me and I did not do this to myself. I have reached out to this world for the past few years in a non stop and very serious effort to be heard because thats the only and last hope and chance that would save me. I have no family and I have done anything that one could think of to try and get what i need and i was turned away tons of times when i had all the money to pay for the doctors needed bit all i ever got was the run around/ "To much time" "your not important enough" to "I can make a fast buck doing simple cases rather than take yours" to worse and they knew i would deteriorate and die if i did not get the help i need. After loosing everything i knew i had to try and find a philanthropist to champion my cause. to sponcer me. a write off for them but the gift of life back to me. thousands of letters emails and even hand delivering to some very famous and wealthy people. They understood it all and knew it was grave if left like this but they were to greedy to care. I have tons of documents and more to prove all that i am saying is true! even the richest man in the world got my letter when he gets like 10 thousand an hour and all get thrown out. He never sees them let along reads them his secretary told me but "for some strange reason yours slipped threw and he read it " she said. He didnt care but he "had a dream while in a bath tub that he must give 8 billion dollars to Bank of America but they did not ask for it!! A bank is more important than a human life.. IYou people have the courage and the guts to do what you are doing! I thank you so much. Its wrong that this does not get proper media coverage but we all know why this is. With all the letters I have written fighting and begging for my life I have never asked for money for me. Not once but help to be heard. The rich most do not care. Eveb Mayor Bloomberg said to a friend who told him about me "WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO?" thats nice. Mt story in detail is not your everyday story. The facts around it and all my losses, all that I did and more without hardly a dime to my world, and the horiffic suffering and needless deterioration and more makes me worthy of being heard. I could have helped so many others out there once well again, but then again i am not rich nor famous. I to them just a grain of sand. Those who read this please find it in your heart to take an interest in me. Please help me to be heard. I want to live. And i hope you keep my email posted here. Keep fighting, Your special. Thank you . susanmiller555@yahoo.com

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