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We are the 99 percent


The COLD season is here, the time "THEY" think this inconvenience will go away. I know WE think differently.
COLD is not a deterrent if you are prepared! Here are a few pointers from a cold weather regular.
Eat well. Your body needs food to fuel the engine that keeps you warm.
Drink plenty-o-water. Call it the lubricant of warmth.
Dress well in layers of wool or polyester thermal clothing (no cotton if sweat or wetness is possible!!! It retains moisture and sucks the heat from your own body), and cover it all with water and wind proof outerwear .
Same for feet! Keep your tootsies dry or you will get cold. (bring a few extra pair of wool socks for changes!)
Moms always say wear a hat... they are correct!!
And if you get cold (or before you do?)...do something productive and energetic (I'm sure some organizer has a project for you). I work 6-7 hours at a time outside, under plumes of water, at below zero (f) temps, and stay plenty warm. Just staying active and moving around with a purpose keeps warmth flowing through you. (Holding a sign at a street corner may be the coldest job in town; just ask a "stop/slow" safety sign person)
Anyone can be comfortable in uncomfortably cold situations if they wear appropriate clothing and stay active, fed, and hydrated.
Just to be paranoid...I'd also carry a personal respirator that filters acid gasses and organic vapors (MSA, North and 3M are manufactures that come to mind) to help against the potential onslaught of Officer Heat Miser, who may make an appearance at gatherings bringing unbreathable gifts. I have not had the occasion to field try mine on official government weapons, but the lacquer sprayers I was working near barely made a dent.

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