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We are the 99 percent


I am an education major at th University of Nevada Reno. For too long I have sat inactive and defeated by the daunting task of creating change in this world. Every piece of me knows I will not be at peace until I do everything in my power to effectively correct the injustices I see in the world everyday.
From the moment I learned of the camp outs in manhatten I wanted to drop everything and get my ass out there but I realized I may have something more to offer in my local community. Reno is no stranger to unemployment, record foreclosure rates, and corporate greed.
I have chosen to dedicate myself to this movement because I believe this to be a movement for humanity, and without humanity I don't see monetary profits being all that useful. We are fighting for our right to live as we see fit, not as puppets to the 1%.
Occupy Reno will stand in solidarity with the occupiers of the world... 101511

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