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GOLD WISE & PENNY FOOLISH? November, 26, 2011

If the salvage value of any Lincoln Penny is worth 2 cents, already; then, why risk money on Gold Speculation? (Ref: Coinflation.com)

And, if all Americans start hording their pennies, will Conservatives insist on a new penny made of a new copper alloy, which is only about 25% copper, like some of our new electrical wiring?

Or, will all retail outlets start rounding-off your sales slips to the nearest nickel to earn more revenue for State, County & City Sales Taxes?

Or, will Congress reevaluate the penny to 2 cents, on Jan. 1, 2012?
Or, will Congress outlaw and recall all existing pennies, like Gold during the Great Depression?

Serious Questions by:

James H. Armistead
Laughlin, NV. 89029

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