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We are the 99 percent


Sandy Hinden has helped the world for 35 years through community development, the environment, the arts, education, health and human services and peacemaking. He is the founder of the Bank for Humanity & the Earth.
He affiliated Universal Children’s Gardens and the International Network of Museums for Peace with the United Nations and served as a non-governmental organization representative, conceiving the Concert for the Earth with the UN Environment Program. He is executive director of Dix Hills Performing Arts Center at Five Towns College, author of 7 Keys to Love, and a workshop leader in communication, collaboration and creativity. He served as a program director, coordinating health and human service collaborations with schools for Suffolk County. He can be reached at sandyhinden@7keystolove.net and read at http://7keystolove.blogspot.com/

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We, the People of Love, Compassion & Kindness, hope the Occupy Wall Street & Everywhere folks can calmly recognize that Individual and Corporate Greed is a mental and emotional illness. We hope they can have compassion for the sickness.

Each week, we can meditate and pray for the opening of the heart and healing of the mind of the greedy. We can then guide the young and older to be generous, love and care for themselves, each other and the Earth.

With meditation, prayer, gentle conversation and guidance, we can try to uplift and help heal inner suffering and restore inner happiness, so all may be able to enjoy this world that has so many beautiful gifts.

We can sing The Song of Giving with those who love to share their Hearts with all... Having mastered the art of creating phenomenal amounts of profits, the wealthy can learn how to make money reach where it is needed the most…

We need creative, sustainable communities and common wealth… for all and the Earth…

We are creating the Bank for Humanity & the Earth… please read more here… http://7keystolove.blogspot.com/

~ We the People of Love, Compassion & Kindness

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