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We are the 99 percent


I'm a small business owner who started his business with less than $2000. I worked 70+ hours a week to start my business and took no paycheck for the first 2 years. (living on my wife's salary) after this I took $500/mo for a year, then $1000/mo for a year, $2000/mo.... I now make a decent wage that puts me in the top 5% of wage earners. 8 years later after sacrificing I'm an overnight success and should be taxed more. What about when I was alone working for free??

The best way I can help my community is to create jobs and help others succeed.

Those without the will to take risk, sacrifice and earn their way should not benefit from the success earned through my blood and sweat. They also would not be there to help if I failed.

Without the opportunity to work hard and have a chance to get into the top 1%, why would I make these sacrifices to try and win? If I don't have this chance I would live mediocre and work 40 hours a week. What an average and bland life that would be... hey we can all be mediocre!

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