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We are the 99 percent


Yes, equality is being demanded of us all..... Let us PLEASE hold the space of "US, US, US...." do NOT succomb to "US AND THEM" polarized energies.... we all want freedom.... even those who have lost their way TEMPORARILY in the temptation and living out of greed (which is essentially like a child afraid of not having enough attention or cookies)......all facilitators and space holders of the growing Occupy Movement please "occupy" the ongoing presence of wisdom, fierce non-judgement and diligent compassion towards all and especially those that are suffering from "lack consciousness"...... we are applying creative tension to balance what is not balanced..... holding the space, or rather LIFTING THE SPACE, will pull others into the communion we all know is nature's true harmony. Organize daily inentional meditations which simply illustrate and exemplify the slowing of the machine (literally having the collectives of the Occupy Movement sitting still in complete present moment awareness that is active with the realization and INTENTION that ALL will be drawn to the wisest attention and actions that will serve the whole). No screaming is necessary, no big statements or lengthy speeches, no spilling of negative polarity emotions which only attract more of the same.... Be still and KNOW that GOD (HIGHER INTELLIGENCE) is both at hand and will be and that we ARE the equality that demands to manifest. Let's organize daily intention/meditation times so that ALL individuals throughout the entire Occupy Movement can link together, plug into and further charge the collective concsiousness. Invite people all over and from other organizations to "plug in" simultaneously at these times for more charge. My name is Sadhu (Sadhu Serves on Facebook) and I'm in Miami at the moment and will bring this to the meetings we're having this saturday here. Please contact me if you'd like to streamline this more together! LOVE

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